7 WAYS THE WORLD WILL END: Ancient Apocalypse Prophecies of History

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Are the end times upon us? Throughout the ages, humanity has had a morbid fascination on the end of the world. In many ways it determines how we live our lives, and still to this day is the subject of popular movies, books and TV shows. For thousands of years, people have made prophecies about cataclysmic world ending events, some of which are even feared to this day.

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  1. Ramy DA

    Nice! Keep it up please!

    1. Ancient Origins

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  2. Shamus Woosley

    The earth has gone through cataclysms within recent human history, we don’t have to go back 12000 years. Velikovsky suspected this, and that mankind lived in amnesia. Look into the Electric Universe and the Saturn Sun model. We went through very bad times with cosmic thunderbolts, vast earthquakes, electrical machining of mountain ranges and canyons…. NOT millions of years ago… only thousands. As recently as Troy. Mankind suffers from PTSD and still acts out this doomsday engram. See thunderboltsproject channel, thunderbolts.info, and now new EU series on Gaia. This is NOT flatearth BS level, but powerful science demonstrated by today’s probes, radio telescopes, etc. See weekly Space News vids on thunderbolts channel. Electricity is THE fundamental causal force in the cosmos,….NOT the very weak gravity force, and it’s orders a magnitude more powerful. Dark matter and dark energy…and blackholes… will fade away as bad science when you see plasma makes up 99.9% of the universe. It is NOT empty, and it’s all interconnected. Adios Einstein.

    1. David Sheriff

      correct I lectured on this in London during the 90s….

    2. Ancient Origins

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  3. Palle Anker

    Predictions are good, knowledge is better.
    Instead, explore wild theories and find the real cause of the beginning and end of the recent Ice Age, Younger Dryas.

    1. Ancient Origins

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  4. Wendy Ishie

    The end is already here. Its not the end of the world itself. Just the end of what we know it to be historically and presently.

  5. Paul Baker

    In the 1940s the Americans sent a team to investigate possible movement of the poles. What they found was not particularly comforting. In 1964 Chan Thomas published a book, The Adam & Eve Story. The CIA had a convulsion and declared it Classified. More recently they released a redacted version of the first chapter only. The speculation in this book may, to my mind, have provided an additional spur for the moon landings. On the moon heat scarred areas were found which were not the result of meteor hits but which would appear to be the result of massive Solar Flare of some sort. Such heat scarred areas are also present on earth but on the moon there is no question of its source being human. Scientists have now identified a number of suns which undergo repeated ‘micro-novas’ at intervals. They think there may be a lot more such suns but they can only only identify them when they repeat the process, which may in some cases be at intervals of thousands of years. They now think our own sun undergoes a mini-nova at intervals of something in the orderr of 12,000 years. They also think the next ‘re-set’ of our planet could be arriving anytime from now but within the next 2,000 years. This would explain why many governments have been industriously busying themselves constructing underground shelters of huge capacity. Even little Finland has one. It may be that most of them would be destroyed but if even a few of them survive we, as a species, would be able to find a way to carry on. I imagine, however, that it would be unlikely that we ordinary mortals will be allocated a place in one of these shelters.
    The following video contains a great deal more information. Sleep well tonight, heh, heh!

  6. Roly Tremblay

    The Biblical account of the Apostle John who was given the whole book of Revelation by the risen LORD of the universe, Christ Jesus! Most of the book is the description of the final 7 terrible years of life on the present earth, called the Tribulation period. However, near the end of the book there is the description of the horrific last half of that period in which the Creator God brings almost total devastion over the entire earth and its inhabitants. This, both by tremendous natural disasters He controls as well as by allowing the demon forces to be unleashed against the ungodly people. On the very last day those survivors who reject His Son, Christ, He will kill by the power of His word and their souls will be condemned to an eternity in hell. Those who trust in Him and repent of their sins will be spared and will live on a new earth in the Messianic Age. Christ and His followers from all ages past up to the very end of days will reign and rule during that 1000 year period . However, even in that utopia, many who are born to the survivors who enter the kingdom will still not submit to the just and righteous rule of Christ. So, Christ will totally destroy them along with that renewed earth along with the entire universe. Only the Saints of all the ages past and the righteous people living in that Messianic age will be spared and go on to live on a whole new earth in a new universe created by the Triune God! And He will dwell with His people for eternity. NOTE: All the beasts that John describes, he then also reveals what they represent symbolically. The one with the ten horns being the nations that would have control globally over the whole earth with their leader who arises from one of the horns of that beast’s heads. The beast rising out of the sea being the false prophet who is out to deceive the whole world into following that global leader who will cause vast destruction by wars of amount of the population of all nations and will order the death of all individuals who won’t obey his laws. His laws that disregard human rights and religious freedom. He demands ultimate worship and those who resist will be martyred. Other beasts mentioned represent demonic forces that are unleashed from their ‘prisons’ to further destroy mankind. This ‘End times’ account is the only prophetic written work of those 6 you’ve presented that actually give (in the Holy Bible) a logical description of what the fantastical figures mean in terms of future historical reality. And the Bible’s predictions have always come true 100 % in the past….archeological discoveries of the past two hundred years have proven this along with the historical life and death of the Christ. No other book or ancient prophetic writings can make this claim. I’d rather believe in that which has a proven track record not suppositions and myths…….you who read this would be wise to as well!

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