Interview with Gregory Sams on ‘Sun of God’

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In this interview, Gregory Sams, author of ‘Sun of GOd’ provides fascinating insights into the meaning of our closest star — the Sun. Gregory proposes that far from being just a meaningless ball of plasma, the Sun is an aware and conscious entity. Is this why so many ancient civilizations from the Sumerians, to the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Celts and Native Americans revered and worshiped the sun as a god? Gregory’s ideas may seem radical, but up until 2,000 years ago, this was a widespread perspective throughout the world.

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  1. Lynn Brock

    Bravo! Thank you for your important work, Greg! I love your book. It provides an exciting and convincing expansion of our concepts of consciousness and life. I referenced Sun of gOd in Inevitable Enlightenment on Youtube.

  2. Anthony Bravo Henderson

    I am glad he is touching on this because, it gets really deep from here on out . I am so glad he is touching on the Church Conformities’. I would love to touch on it more here but I do not want to mess with what he is saying.

    Greg is on the right track, but it gets really deep, and I cannot do it here . Most will not look @ or want to accept what is being said here because we have all been so Brain/Washed . Thank You Greg ,and the poster of this Vid .

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