The Incan Chakra Energy System

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What is the Incan Chakra Energy System?

The Incan Chakra Energy System teaches that each of us has a luminous energy field, called a pop, which surrounds our physical body.  It is composed of four layers. These layers are the causal, the psychic (or soul), the mental-emotional (or mind), and the physical. This luminous energy field contains information that transcends time.  The information extends from our past and onward to our future.

The Chakras and their connections in the Incan Energy System

The Incan Chakra Energy System consists of nine chakras.  Chakras are known in South America as ojos de luz, or “eyes of light.”  The Chakras are also referred to as “pukios”. These chakras project threads of light, or huaskas, that extend beyond the natural body outward into the external world.  Chakras extend light emanating threads that reach beyond the body and connect with the external environment. This external environment consists of trees, plants, mountains, and other people.  The Incan chakra energy system believes all energy comes from these five sources- plants and animals, water, air, sunlight, and biomagnetic energy (causay in Incan). Here is a look at the Incan Chakras and their element, color, instinct, body, psychological, gland, seeds, and negative aspect correspondences.

The Incan Chakras, or Pukios

First Chakra

Element- Earth

Color- Red

Instinct- Survival, procreation.

Body Correspondences-Elimination of wastes, rectum, legs, feet.

Psychological Correspondences- Food, shelter, safety.

Gland Correspondences- Ovaries, testes.

Seeds- Kundalini, abundance.

Negative Aspects- hoarding, chronic fatigue, predatory behavior, abandonment issues.

Second Chakra

Element- Water

Color- Orange

Instinct- Sexuality

Body Correspondences- Digestion, kidneys, adrenals, urinary tract, menstrual pain, loss of appetite.

Psychological Correspondences- Power, money, sex, control, fear, passion, self-esteem, incest.

Gland Correspondences- Adrenals

Seeds- Creativity, compassion.

Negative Aspects- Fear, fighting.

Third Chakra

Element- Fire

Color- Yellow

Instinct- Power

Body Correspondences-Stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen, storing and releasing energy.

Psychological Correspondences- Courage, power.

Gland Correspondences- Pancreas

Seeds- Autonomy, individuation, fulfillment of dreams, longevity.

Negative Aspects- Gastrointestinal disorders, anorexia, sorrow, pride, ego, low energy, victim mentality, shame.

Fourth Chakra

Element- Air

Color- Green

Instinct- Love

Body Correspondences- Circulatory system, lungs, breast, heart, asthma, immune deficiencies.

Psychological Correspondences- Love, hope, compassion, intimacy.

Gland Correspondences- Thymus

Seeds- Selfless love, forgiveness.

Negative Aspects- Resentment, betrayal, grief, loneliness, abandonment.

Fifth Chakra

Element- Light

Color- Blue

Instinct- Psychic Expression.

Body Correspondences- Throat, mouth, neck, esophagus.

Psychological Correspondences- Manifesting dreams, creativity, communication.

Gland Correspondences- thyroid, parathyroid.

Seeds- Personal power, faith, will.

Negative Aspects- Betrayal, addictions, sleep disorders, fear of expression, toxicity.

Sixth Chakra

Element- Pure Light

Color- Indigo

Instinct- Truth

Body Correspondences- Brain, eyes, nervous system.

Psychological Correspondences- Reason, logic, intelligence, empathy, depression.

Gland Correspondences- Pituitary

Seeds- Enlightenment, self-realization.

Negative Aspects- Delusion, inadequacy.

Seventh Chakra

Element- Pure energy

Color- Violet

Instinct- Universal ethics and morality

Body Correspondences- Skin, brain, hormonal balances.

Psychological Correspondences- Selflessness, integrity, wisdom.

Gland Correspondences- Pineal.

Seeds- Transcendence, illumination.

Negative Aspects- Psychoses, regression, cynicism.

Eighth Chakra

Element- Soul

Color- Gold

Instinct- Transcendence

Body Correspondences- Architect of the body.

Psychological Correspondences- None

Gland Correspondences- None

Seeds- Timelessness

Negative Aspects- Templates of disease

Ninth Chakra

Element- Spirit

Color- Translucent white light.

Instinct- Liberation

Body Correspondences- None

Psychological Correspondences- None

Gland Correspondences- None

Seeds- Infinity

Negative Aspects- None

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