Treasures of the Lord of Sipan, Mochican Warrior Priest

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The tomb of the Lord of Sipán, a powerful Mochican warrior priest, and his entourage, who were buried among dazzling treasures, is considered to be one of the most important archaeological discoveries to have taken place in South America. Watch to find out more.

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  1. Joe Stitz

    Very good showing, Thanks. Archeology is awesome.

  2. Jay Jones

    Fascinating Gorgon-esque ‘mask’ which builds into connections I feel between Athena’s Aegis, and the ‘mask’ of Viracocha (Zeus with Aegis mask, rod and staff) himself, and just this afternoon I have apprehended the idea that the Statue of Ugra Narsimha reminds me of the image in space that some call ‘the red dragon of revelation’ and then all these, including the Mayan calendar disc have such reflections of each other… And I feel slightly nervous pointing out that at 1:11 we have similarities to the (Tumi) Decapitator – as such an odd reversal of the ‘good god’ Viracocha, where the cross of 8 legs is notable, and can I imagine that in fact we see a MITE not crab or spider, reminiscent of Lyme disease, the serpentile Spirochaete bacteria, the ‘great imitator’, capable of subverting our senses… and what do we really ‘see’..?

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