Career Outlook for Zodiac Sign Leo

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Leo Zodiac Sign Work Ethic and Skill Set 

Zodiac Sign Leo people have a strong and dynamic work ethic.  They are usually disciplinaries who work hard to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Their dedication and devotion to their goals are unwavering.  Those born under the Leo zodiac sign are ruled by the Sun and possess a fire element. 

This makes these people dynamic, warm, charismatic, and optimistic.  They possess exemplary leadership skills and have a natural talent for anything involving the performing arts.

Best Careers for Leo Zodiac Signs

Like Aries, those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are born leaders.  These people will be comfortable in any position that allows them to be in charge or be the go-to person. 

Leos have an artistic flair and are usually highly creative.  They will fit in well in artist careers such as fashion design, makeup artist, playwright, or screenwriter. 

A lot of those born under the zodiac sign Leo possess musical talent.  This is why many Leos will be singers, dancers, work in the theatre, play a musical instrument, perform in a band, or work in amusement arenas and the performing arts. 

They also have a love for drama, so many make confident and outstanding actors and actresses. 

Top Career Positions for Leo Zodiac Sign

Managers, Directors, CEO’s, Head of Operations – Zodiac Sign Leos possess the confidence and ability to lead others, making them well suited for any leadership type position.

Make-up Artists or Fashion Designers – Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo love colorful dress, flamboyant looks, and aesthetics that stand out.  They are talented with creative traits that make them unique make-up artists and fashion designers. 

Actors/Actresses – Those born under this zodiac sign long to be in the spotlight and center stage.  Becoming an actor or actress gives them this opportunity.  They love the feeling of attention.  They also love to express themselves in a dramatic way, acting provides them that outlet.

T.V. & Movie Producers, Screen Writers, Playwrights – Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo have highly creative and vivid imaginations.  Becoming T.V. & movie producers, screenwriters, and/or playwrights allows them to channel their intense creative imagination into reality.

Leo as an Employee

As an employee, Leo will be friendly and radiate warmth.  They may tend to make a dramatic entrance to their workplace and long to be the best and most praised worker there. Due to this, negatively, they may try to over impress the boss or undercut others to get to the top.

Leo as an Employer  

Leo will feel right at home as an employer.  This means they are in their natural comfort zone of being at the top of the management structure, or chain of command. 

They will be fiercely loyal to all employees who do not show them defiance or ignorance.  Negatively, if you do not give your Leo employer the attention they crave, they may take this out on your work performance evaluation.

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