Find Your Spirit Animal With This Simple Test

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In this video, we are going to take a small personality test, which will help you determine which animal you are. We will ask you some questions, each having several options. Depending on the option that you pick, you will be given points. Wait, there is more, but we’ll tell you after the questions are done. Let’s begin!

1. Fox – You are slightly mischievous but extremely resourceful. More importantly, you know which battles to fight. You don’t go around howling at everyone. This is why people know that you are smart and they respect you for it. You can be slightly pessimistic at times, but that’s just because you like to proceed with caution.

2. Lynx – You are slightly lazy and you love to sleep. If you could then you would sleep all day long. Unfortunately, to survive you have to work. You are a smart worker though. You figure out quicker ways to do things compared to everyone else. Where others strive to survive, you thrive with ease. You can be a little moody at times though.

3. Wolf – Fierce, protective, loyal, and stubborn, that is what you are. There is no way anyone could harm people you love and get away with it. You aren’t necessarily the friendliest in the bunch, but you’re very protective of the few friends you have. You also have a creative side, but because of your quiet and lonely nature, others may not know about it. You can be misunderstood at times.

4. Lion – You are very confident and you know how to get things done. You’re usually very extroverted and love big groups of people. You find it hard to be alone though. This is why you try to be nice to others so that they stay with you. You can be a little arrogant at times though.

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