Saturn Through The Zodiac Signs

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Unlike the personal planets that travel much quicker through the signs, Saturn stays in each zodiac sign for approximately 2 and a half years.  It takes Saturn around 29.5 years to travel through all the zodiac signs. Like all the planets, Saturn takes on certain characteristics when orbiting within each zodiac sign.  Saturn also influences the zodiac sign it is in. Let’s have a look here at how Saturn acts and feels in each of the zodiac signs.

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Aries

Aries is very impatient and loves to jump full force ahead.  When Saturn transits through Aries, it clashes with what it sees as impulsive behavior.  Saturn in Aries thinks long and hard before jumping into something. When Saturn is in Aries, people may feel hesitant about moving ahead with something.

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Taurus

Saturn agrees with Taurus when it comes to moving ahead slow and steady.  When Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Taurus, people feel committed and stable.  People feel devoted to complete projects and make more committed partners.  Taurus loves to indulge in food and sensuality. Saturn adds some discipline here, so people may feel more disciplined when it comes to indulging in earthly pleasures.

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Gemini

Saturn does not like what it sees as Gemini’s fickle and changeable ways.  When Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Gemini, people may feel more reluctant to make any major life changes.  Gemini is all about sharp intellect and ideas. When Saturn is in Gemini, it influences people to focus on ideas of practicality and order.

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Cancer

Cancer has great emotional needs.  Saturn is concerned with security. When Saturn is in Cancer, people are focused on gaining emotional security. Saturn adds calmness to the often moodiness of Cancer. This will help people think more logically rather than emotionally. 

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Leo

Saturn admires Leo’s drive for recognition. When Saturn is in Leo, people feel strongly motivated and competitive.  Saturn gives Leo perseverance and endurance to undergo difficult tasks. There will be a conflict however, between a need to be center stage and a need for solitude.

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Virgo

For the most part, Saturn in the zodiac sign of Virgo feels harmonious.  Virgos are all about practicality, performing often disciplinary routine work, and keeping a cool head about them.  When Saturn is in Virgo, people feel devoted to being of service. 

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Libra

Saturn is exalted in Libra.  The Malefic planet agrees with Libra’s reasoning mind and keen sense of justice.  Saturn is also connected with politics. When Saturn is in Libra, people feel focused on just causes and politics. 

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio

Saturn agrees with Scorpio’s value of discipline.  When Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, people feel extra willpower to stay the course and to work vigorously towards their goals.  There is positive productivity.

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius

There is a great clash here. Saturn does not agree with Sagittarius’s rebellion and non- conformist ideals.  When Saturn is in Sagittarius, people feel a conflict between their own individual ideas and the status quo.

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn

Saturn is very much at home in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.  Saturn rules Capricorn, the rigid innovator. When Saturn is in Capricorn, people feel a need for order, authoritarian direction, and a pioneering spirit. 

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius

Saturn fits in Aquarius well for the most part. Saturn is one of the rulers of Aquarius. Saturn agrees well with Aquarius’s reasoning and logical way of thinking.  Saturn provides structure to ideas. When Saturn is in Aquarius, people tend to channel their ideas into structured and organized actions.  

Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Pisces

Saturn often conflicts with the deeply emotional Pisces.  When Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Pisces, people may feel conflicted between what their emotions are telling them and what their logical mind is saying.  On a more positive note, however, Saturn can help Pisces bring their dreamy ideas into working life.

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