The Zodiac Signs as Quarantine Masks

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Aries Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Aries zodiac sign people are not fond of quarantining.  They like to keep moving and being cooped up inside makes them feel restricted in movement.  However, like the rest of the world, they will put on a mask when it is required of them.  If you see an Aries zodiac sign person out in public with a mask, it will usually be a mask with red or bright colors.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Taurus zodiac sign people are ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus. When these individuals put a mask on, they want it to look stylish and chic.  Many taurus zodiac sign people are willing to pay top dollar for a fashionable mask.  These are the individuals who would be caught wearing masks made by Coach or some other top fashion brand.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Gemini zodiac sign people are also not fond of quarantining, due to their love for travel.  However, they will wear a mask in public as required when they do go out.  Gemini zodiac sign people will have multiple masks that all range in versatility, look, and style.  These can range from very plain to detailed and fancy patterns and stitching. 

Cancer Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Cancer zodiac sign people don’t mind quarantine due to their love  of home.   Like everyone else, they do have to go out for certain essentials.  When Cancer zodiac sign individuals do get out, they will wear masks that are usually dark in color.  These include colors and tones such as black, blue, and purple.  They also love masks that have animal faces, due to their love of animals.

Leo Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Leo zodiac sign people will have some of the loudest and most flamboyant masks around.  You will see Leo zodiac sign people also wearing masks that sparkle and glitter.  Leo zodiac signs love to be the center of attention, so they want to make sure their mask also stands out in the crowd!

Virgo Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Virgo zodiac sign people will favor masks that are minimalistic in appearance.  They will be drawn to masks of the colors brown, green, white, and beige.  It will be most important to Virgo zodiac sign people that they keep their masks extra clean and washed regularly.

Libra Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Libra zodiac sign people are also ruled by Venus, like Taurus.   It will be important also for these individuals to wear masks that are visually pleasing and stylish in nature.  Libra zodiac sign people will be willing to pay extra for masks that are made by some of their favorite fashion designers and brands.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Scorpio zodiac sign people will prefer to wear masks that are a bit off color or taboo.  You will find them wearing masks that are the colors and tones of black, dark blue, and purple.  Scorpio zodiac people are creative and like art.  You may find them with a starry night Van Gough mask.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Sagittarius zodiac sign people are very well-versed and versatile.  You will usually find these people owning a wide range of masks both in style and color.  A Sagittarius may wear a conventional blue medical looking mask one day, and then a less conventional mask the next day.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks 

Capricorn zodiac people, like Virgo, will prefer masks that are brown, green, white, or beige in color.  They prefer a mask that is plain with no elaborate pattern or artistry.  They will usually prefer masks that they feel are more part of the status quo or conventional-looking in nature.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Aquarius zodiac sign people are the most original of the zodiac.  So, you will find these individuals wearing some of the most original and hard to find masks on the market.  It could be a mask trademarked by one of the favorite rock bands, or a mask that is made to look like a comic book character.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Quarantine Masks

Pisces people, like Scorpio, are deep and emotional people.  They will also favor masks that are dark colors and hues.  You will also see Pisces wearing masks that have a celestial or galaxy theme and/or pattern on them.

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