Sagittarius in Relationships & in Bed

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Let astrologer Maria DeSimone show you what it’s like when you’re in a relationship with or dating a Sagittarius man or woman. Learn about their personality traits, likes and dislikes, and what they bring to the bedroom! Get more info on Sagittarius’ love style here:

Want personalized insight into how compatible you are with Sagittarius?

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  1. Katie Maniaci

    A know-it-all? Who, me? 😉

    1. airjor1

      Katie Maniaci Yes you!☺

  2. shen baby


  3. mabaet wanhandred percent

    i thought your top will camouflage to the background

  4. Amina Abdullah

    Sagittarius here😁,December 19 in the house.

    1. Moonlight Your imagination

      Amina Abdullah my birthday is also December 19th)

    2. Amina Abdullah

      Oh wow 😳,so cool I never met anyone born on my birthday. I bet you’re awesome 😄.

    3. Arika Hardy

      Amina Abdullah mine on the same day ouuuu birthday twin 💕💕💕

    4. Yashvi Bedi

      My bday is also on 19th december!

  5. I want to DIE

    When you’re a romantic Sagittarius

    (My birthday is on December 5th)

    1. I want to DIE

      @Daemon JJ My brother in law’s bday is December 6th. And my aunt’s bday is December 7th.

    2. Patates Kızartması

      23 November

    3. I want to DIE

      @Patates Kızartması oh my friend has the same birthday! 🙂 her name is Adyson

    4. Patates Kızartması

      @I want to DIE wow this made me happy :))) how is her personality? XD

    5. I want to DIE

      @Patates Kızartması Well she is nice but once you anger her it is like you had put foil into the microwave. Scary and dangerous. The only way to calm her down is if you make her question everything. Other than that she is a very good person. (Besides the fact that I get hit by her for no reason)

  6. Kamran Haider

    Dec 16 here, you are good, ☺️🙏

    1. Hafeez Khan

      My birthday is 16 Dec

  7. Natalia Rivera

    GOODNESS it’s me..

  8. Dhruti Purushotham

    Dec 2 anyybody?

    1. Hindosha Love

      Dhruti Purushotham me ☺️☺️💟♐️

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