Gemini: Two Too Many! with Rick Levine

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What is a Gemini? Learn more about the astrology of Gemini: personality traits, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and more.

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  1. Chloe Stevens

    Love You Rick! Thank you Mr. Astrology. Much Love, Many Blessings!

  2. Afif Shah

    Gemini here and I approve. Except I don’t like Libras they’re crazier than us cause they’re always chasing that equilibrium (we’re yin yang). Don’t like Aquas too because of their ‘God complex’, they don’t understand yin yang. Fire signs? VERY much so! 👍

  3. Sherelle Willis

    I’m a Gemini ♊ 😊

  4. frenchy758

    im a Gemini

  5. Antonia Williams

    gemini here my mind feels like a energizer bunny on a mary go round. ahhhhh!

  6. Claribel Nana

    I hear Gemini are con artists, but both my Gemini sun and mars are placed in the 9th house…
    I really cannot defraud people and hate lies with all my gut

    1. Steve Maddoo

      well done, i hate people who defraud people and lie, please dont change,by letting others influence you, you must be one of the best geminis x

  7. Mony Becerra

    … Or next good video! Haha!! I want to watch them all at the same time!

  8. someone

    an air zodiac sign is also spiritual maybe, and not just only mental…

  9. The third eye

    Nice information 😀😀

  10. Asia May

    I appreciate this particular video on Geminis. It’s not subjective or opinionated like most videos are. A lot of astrology bloggers always have something negative to say about Gemini’s. They be hating on us

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