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If you want to Learn tarot online, it’s essential to understand that each tarot card has a soul and a meaning. Today, we’ll be analyzing the major arcane number IX; The Hermit Tarot card – a wise man that has had enough of civilization and has decided to start a journey of self-discovery.

The Hermit Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

When finding the Hermit Tarot card in an online Tarot reading, you have reached a moment of introspective reflection energy. Stumbling upon the Hermit Tarot card means that we are in a time of our lives when we are deeply committed to answering our own questions. We’ve decided to find our truth to a point where we can’t deal with anything else, especially with other people.

Everything is under review, under a critical yet kind eye. It is a time when your rational abilities to calculate and make decisions are much sharper. Nothing superficial can’t seem to catch your eye, you’re now seeking a sincere and honest spiritual connection. Face your inner demons and discover your inner bliss.

To all the people who are in the middle of a crossroad, the Hermit Tarot card means that they have reached the moment when they will understand which way to go. The Hermit Tarot card is compatible with Virgo.

The Hermit Upright Card Keywords:

Reflection, Thought, Prudence, Distance, Introspection, Study, Solitude, Inner Peace, Guidance, Wisdom.

The Hermit Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

Now, when the Hermit tarot card appears reversed in a Tarot reading, that ability to reflect and deepen your thoughts is taken to extremes. There is a profound disconnect from others, a search for solitude that can be harmful. Overthinking can stop you from taking action at the right time.

Just as we need to receive love, it is essential to open ourselves to give love. The reversed Hermit Tarot card implies a cut between the person and their family, their friends, or relationships. A situation of isolation can cause melancholy, depression, and loneliness.

The Hermit Reversed Card Keywords:

Isolation, Overthinking, Disconnection, Silence, Stubbornness, Resentment, Perfectionism, Lack of Empathy, Reason over Feelings.

Tarot Online: The Hermit Symbolism:

In the Hermit Tarot Card, a white-haired man is standing alone at the top of a mountain. He’s wearing a gray cloak and holds a lantern to find his path. With only the help of his cane, his instincts, and his ability to reason, he has to get to a safe place before the storm.

Wise, austere, and peaceful, this hunched older man takes his gaze back to his navel. He is a traveler who will reconnect, like an Uroboros, with himself. He’s a spiritual traveler, and he knows that he doesn’t need anyone to look after him. Instead, he needs solitude.

What Does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean In Love?

This is not one of the happiest cards when it comes to love readings. Like the man in the Hermit Tarot card, either of you or both need a time out. It is time to put the relationship under review. Discuss the path the relationship is taking and analyze if you are really in love with one another.

Is The Hermit A Yes Or No Card?

One of the difficult things about learning Tarot online is to connect with your inner voice. Accept that there is a consciousness, a hunch that guides you to the right connections between cards. In the same way, when the Hermit Tarot card appears in a Yes or No Question, the answer is: Maybe. The only way to find that answer is to look deep into your soul.

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