The Hermit Tarot Card Correspondence in times of Quarantine

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The Hermit Tarot card or Hermit Archetype seemingly corresponds to our current times of Quarantine and social distancing.  The Hermit tarot card, also called the prophet, is the ninth card of the Major Arcana. The Hermit card, together with the Magician and the Hierophant, has been known in one regard as making up the three Magi.  These three Magi are attributed to the three wise men in the Bible.

Meanings of the Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit Tarot card has to do with taking an introspective look into ourselves.  It can symbolize a time away from the world, where we remain in seclusion and isolation.  This relates to our current times of quarantine and social distancing. The Hermit asks us to retreat within and rely on our own inner intuition and discernment.  Keywords for the Hermit tarot card are solitude, wisdom, meditation, withdrawal, isolation, retreat, contemplation, simplicity, frugal, prudence, quest, protection, guidance, loneliness, privacy, quiet, silence, detachment, aloofness, and seclusion.

Astrological Correspondences for the Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit tarot card is ruled by the zodiac sign of Virgo.  Virgo is connected to the sixth house of the zodiac.  This makes the Hermit also associated with the ideas and constructs of the sixth house.  These constructs would be health, healthcare, service, work, and service-oriented positions, careers, and roles.

We can see how our current world pandemic has to do with healthcare, service work, and service-oriented positions.  Service-oriented positions are of extreme importance and significance during this time.

The Hermit Tarot Card and Kabbalistic Tree of Life Correspondence

The Hermit card corresponds with the path of Yod in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  It is connected with the sephirot of Chesed and Tiphereth. Chesed means kindness and mercifulness. Tiphereth means harmony and beauty.  Tiphereth makes up the center of the Tree of Life or the heart of the tree. In order for one to have a successful journey along this road (the path of Yod, or the Hermit), one must learn to successfully balance the traits of both Chesed and Tiphereth. 

The Hermit Card and the Quarantine Connection

We can see how the Hermit card corresponds with our current times of Quarantine.  During this time, we are being asked to be like the Hermit by staying indoors, keeping our distance from others, remaining prudent and cautious. We can use this time for quiet reflection, meditation, inner work, contemplation, and again becoming in touch with the simplicities of life. 

Our environments are now much quieter than before, making it an ideal time to do all of these introverted activities. We are being asked to make our own way through turbulent times and choose our own path. Only we can know what is best for us.

We should adopt a positive outlook as to where we are headed.  Although there is a flux of confusion and uncertainty around us, we are ultimately headed toward a more heart-centered place.  Just like the Hermit on his Path of Yod, heading towards the heart, or Tiphereth, of the Tree of Life.

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  1. Kearon OBRIEN

    Ok you know what, The Hermit card and concept you derived from it…well entirely insulting, l tell you why, ok solitude and meditation quarantine as l stay indoors at home? While a influx of propaganda is forced through the Television networks and always scaring or provoking the mind into not trusting people, something there. Yes its absolutely unbelievable the level of subliminal messaging through the airways depicting people like me as crazy untrustworthy criminals. Which lm most definitely not.
    See l had years of substance abuse well more like Qureoisty and got hooked now l sit being blocked and judged by my family especially my father as the Mr Bad Guy.
    A pending devorce…all because l trusted him 15 17 years ago on a plan, where he changed along the way, do have any idea how insulting The Hermit concept card is for me.
    Yeah the word choice wasn’t always there in a so called free will world
    And on we go with this selfish conditioning of the human mind.
    Let me tell you something
    There are no aliens in this universe only people with superior minds and power, totally manipulating the new world on the horizon.
    I ser you clearly.
    What l require is lots of money, so l can attract my wife back and look after my dear children.
    Isolation wow
    I know why Covid 19 arrived
    Plus l have a major announcement coming next week.
    I am considering it.
    I know some things are better left unsaid, however l am just simply absolutely flipping angry that the free world has crushed and crumbled and lm poor.
    That is unacceptable knowing who l am, plus what l really know about this world.
    Take care and thank so much for your wonderful lettts, what are you?
    Some person or just a computer main frame, any be entertained by my letter.
    I have secrets about the real world.
    Oh and don’t forget lm married and no one has authority over my marriage.
    Have a laugh big brother because lm a fighter like no other.
    Hermit what terrible thing
    Have a nice day

    1. Sue

      Hi Kearon, I was scrolling on different articles and came across yours. It breaks my heart to see or here some one in such distress. I can see how this would upset you sense it seems like your going through some hard times to begin with. It’s ok to vent & no I don’t think your crazy. Sometimes things just really piss us off and when we’re in the right frame of mind well… I guess we could give anyone a big chewing out. Stay strong 💪. Sending prayers 🙏 to you,your wife and children. Yours truly C.S.B.

  2. Kearon OBRIEN

    What do you want from me

  3. Dee

    Did you say that you were OFF drugs? Well, whatever you have been “curious” about, you might want to stop because you sound a bit crazy! And EXACTLY what “KIND” of people, like YOU, as YOU SAY, was this referring to?

  4. joseph

    yes it exactly like this in my family tepical archie bunker growing up and verry gossip driven family all kinds of underminding and now i keep my personal interest personal period not to trust a liberal narcistic catholic family that gossip to the rune of self rightious behavioral know it all always correcting for the least infraction constantly remarks that negativly reflected to empower them selves ass see all knowing it all to the point of frustration sayong omg!

  5. Abdou

    Thanks so Much for your Comments.

  6. Mags

    Wow…..just wow. Very angry person. Weather it’s real or not should not matter. You chose to read it. I am living the same path with the exception of drugs. It is not always pleasant not at all. I do vent but not to the extreme. I feel there is a reason for everything that happens. Being angry at life pulls more negativity to you. Think positive thoughts and let go of your anger. It does help in all aspects of your life

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