Pisces: The “Big Fish” of the Zodiac, with Rick Levine

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What is a Pisces? Learn more about the astrology of Pisces: Pisces personality traits, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

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  1. Michelle Tripp

    Pisces is by far the most interesting energy of the zodiac. it was always the part of me I couldn’t quite explain, go figure right?! until I discovered I had a moon in pisces I eluded even myself, I really think all pisces should know about their energy, because it can cause such confusion internally, and lead to less than satisfactory results. thanks for the video Rick as always;)

  2. Alexis Rose

    finally get around to the best sign in the whole entire zodiac lol February 23rd is my birthday so I happens know pisces are definitely awesome if I do say so myself lol

  3. Carmen San Diego

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! My birthday is February 22

    1. Rick Levine

      +Mandi Fries Thanks, Mandi.

  4. Shadowfly325

    can’t get enough of Rick Levine. … my Aries brother

    1. Rick Levine

      +Shadowfly325 Hey Shadowfly… thank you for your kind words. My Aries sister. I’m April 6… you??

    2. Shadowfly325

      +Rick Levine Balsamic moon March 25th… more on the Pisces side of Aries… I can’t wait to attend one of your events in the future

  5. Jake Stephens

    Sir, can I get some quick feedback?

    When almost your whole chart is Pisces influenced like mine… it makes life really hard. 5 out of my first 6 major planets including Sun are all pisces. Even my midheaven is Pisces. What did I do to deserve this? Everything that I desire to be or do seems so possible when I’m lost in my dreams at night, but as soon as I step out into the real world I feel so weak and hopeless.

  6. Shepherds Outcry

    Homie, I ain’t gunna be reborn. No matter the imagination of your religion.

  7. Carlos Barrientos

    I Love You’re Comments Bout Us Pisces Thanks Gid Bless Keep Up Good Work And Hope To Hear That In Future

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