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Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each tarot card has a soul and meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing the major arcane number six, the Lovers Tarot card. In this card, we find the first couple of human history, about to make a decision that will change their lives, and that of the whole human race, forever.

The Lovers Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

The major Trump number tells us the story of the original sin, Adam and Eve, in the Paradise about to bite the apple. The scene portrayed in The Lovers Tarot card seems to be a peaceful one… But we all know how it ends. A deeper reading of the image’s symbols shows us that God’s intention was always to see humanity, created in his image and likeness, rebelling against him. Taking a different path towards spiritual growth.

The devil, as the engine of that controversial decision, has driven them to a road full of bumps and detours. It is the path of self-knowledge, the way of knowing and recognizing each other. Accepting differences and understanding that love is more than happiness and pleasures, it also includes a tremendous amount of pain. 

Finding The Lovers Tarot card in a reading, means we’ve reached an awakening of consciousness. You are in a moment of making decisions, falling in love with your work, projects, or even a special someone to a point you go entirely head over heels. It’s the kind of love that doesn’t allow you to see things clearly. However, it is a beneficial, productive moment, with positive outcomes and a lot to be thankful for.

The Lovers Upright Card Keywords:

Falling in Love, Decisions, understanding, Communication, New opportunities, Union, Prosperity, Proposals, Passionate Relationship, Close Friendships. 

The Lovers Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

When The Lovers tarot card appears reversed in an online Tarot reading, it means that it is time to start taking control of your life. You need to start making decisions about your future. It’s time to go beyond what currently makes you happy, and see the risks and consequences that this may cause you tomorrow. Not everything is about the immediate reward; there are also long-term consequences.

Take the wheel and make peace with your internal conflicts, your ghosts, your doubts. It is time to harmonize what you believe with what you want to achieve it. You need balance.

The Lovers Reversed Card Keywords:

Infidelity, Affairs, Codependence, Toxic Relations, Lack of Commitment, Manipulation, 

Difficulty in Communicating, Superficiality, Self-control Lacking.

The Lovers Tarot Card Symbolism:

In the Lovers Tarot card, we find Adam and Eve naked in the Garden of Eden. Two trees frame the paradisiacal scene, the one behind Adam is on fire, and the tree with the forbidden fruit is behind Eve. The devil is represented as a snake that curls in the tree next to Eve. In the sky, an angel watches the scene patiently, waiting to play the trumpet when the first sin of humanity occurs.

Lust, deceiving decisions … When we think of Adam and Eve, guilt floods our minds. But, if we consider this to be God’s plan, we find two people daring to explore beyond their comfort zone. The devil, sparks that curiosity, pointing the way to self-discovery. I exist. Therefore I can do what I please. What do I want to do with all this freedom?

What Does The Lovers Tarot Card Mean In Love?

This is a very positive card when it appears in a love tarot reading. The Lovers Tarot card indicates that you are living in a moment of complicity, harmony, and stability with your lover. You have what it takes to enjoy passionate, sincere love, and excellent communication together. Marriage, proposal, or romantic invitation in sight.

Is The Lovers A Yes Or No Card?

As this card reflects a positive situation around relationships of any kind, it comes with a good omen. The Lovers Tarot card points out that you are having a good run with your romantic partner, but also with all kinds of associations. Therefore, if the Lovers Tarot card appears in a Yes or No question, the answer is: YES!

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