Tarot and Numerology, is there a connection?

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Numerology and Tarot

The Tarot journey is full of symbols. The meaning of each card is deeply rooted in secrets that you can discover in each reading. Numerology, of course, plays an essential role in the assignment of the order of a deck’s cards. In the most popular Tarot deck, the Rider-Waite, we can find a pattern that is repeated by many others.

Today, following the tools and concepts of Numerology, we will analyze the numbers of the Tarot. Knowing the vibrational secrets of the numbers from 0 to 9, you will be able to make more accurate associations and increasingly precise readings.

Tarot and Numerology, how does it work?

According to its energy, symbolism, and meaning, each Tarot card has a place within the learning path that this system represents. Each suit consists of ten minor arcana and, invariably, four corresponding court cards. According to Numerology, each card vibrates with the energy of the analogous number within the suit.

The suit of wands, pentacles, cups, and swords, are numbered from 1 to 10. Then, in each suit, we find a page, a knight, a Queen, and a King. Also, the suits are accompanied by the major arcana, 22 cards of great value and importance for a Tarot reading. Now that we have differentiated the cards, let’s review the meaning of each number.

The numerology wisdom of each card:

Zero: It is The Fool’s number, the symbol of chaos, of non-existence. In numerology Number zero stands for the creative spark that starts everything from scratch. Innocence, lack of limits, total expansion. It is said that The Fool is such a particular card, that doesn’t belong inside the deck; it is the spirit of the deck itself.

One: It is the card from The Magician and the aces. It represents the beginning of a path, a lesson that is about to begin. Individuality, the ability to acquire knowledge. New beginnings, originality, potential to explore, dynamism.

Two: It is the number of the High Priestess, the gatekeeper of all mysteries. It is the opposite couple of her predecessor. It is an equilibrium card that delves deeper into the psyche to understand all the secrets of the human essence.

Three: The creative and maternal energy of The Empress personifies the numerology energy of number three. Growth, fertility, creativity. It is the feminine energy taken to the limit in sensuality, affection, and understanding.

Four: The Emperor’s card arrives to establish a new order; new structure. The number four represents the energy of logic, authority, reason, and discipline.

Five: The Card of the Hierophant is a card of mediation between heaven and earth. The search for balance through exchanging energy. It’s related to solving conflicts through communication, maintaining traditions.

Six: The lovers, the representation of opposites in harmony. Attraction, beauty, complementary energies, an important decision to make.

Seven: The Chariot arrives with a dynamic drive towards success. According to Numerology, the number seven is connected to protection, security, and stability to overcome obstacles.

Eight: Strength. Eight’s the card of acquiring control over your lower instincts. Self-control, working on your darkest personality aspects, wild energy without limits, setting boundaries.

Nine: The Hermit’s here to welcome you. You’re reaching the end of your inner journey. Numerology connects number nine with finally achieving a goal that you have worked for.

Ten: It’s the end of a cycle. The Wheel of Fortune’s energy is here, with its ups and downs. The number ten points out that you accomplished the suit’s lesson. Consider that number ten is, according to Numerology, the sum of zero and one, so it equals one. That is why number ten is the closing number of each suit/cycle.

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