Virgo April 2020 Astrology SUDDEN RELEASE of Burdens For Real! #VirgoPower

You are currently viewing Virgo April 2020 Astrology  SUDDEN RELEASE of Burdens For Real! #VirgoPower

These videos were recorded and published before the quarantine! The advice of socializing can be adapted to online until we are safe to be together. The Libra Full Moon is on April 7. The Taurus New Moon is on April 22. Virgo, your April video provides astrological insight into your personal development, love, career, business, health, spiritual growth, and prosperity and so much more. Enjoy!

Your Personalized Money Report is a unique and original report that highlights the riches inherent in your natal birth chart. Each report is custom made from your date, time and city of birth. It highlights some of the indicators in your horoscope that point to your inborn relationship with money. How do you feel wealthy? What do you need in your life that is of true worth? Also, are you able to attract material prosperity if it is indeed important to you?

Some people celebrate the New Year on January 1. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to celebrate your personal new year, look to your Solar Return. Every year when the Sun returns to your exact degree at birth, you are in a new Solar Return. What Solar Return opportunities await you?

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  1. William Ellis

    Had to book dental appointment for tommorow. Saturn’s early. Thanks Kelley! Elyce (triple virgo)

    1. Kelley Rosano

      You are so welcome William!

  2. Lisa Starseed Expat

    I’m visiting my home country in April😍😀

  3. roney bunn

    I’m finally, finaaaally feeling it! What a dark place have we crossed!

  4. Patricia Scowen

    Thx you kelley it is nice to have such s Classy Lovely Lady giving us such informative astrology.
    Have a lovely week.

    1. Kelley Rosano

      You are so welcome Patricia! 😍

  5. Jasmin Quader

    Being a virgo, it sounds too good to be true, very skeptical, very suspicious, but i do need some good news.

  6. Megan Millhoff

    Hey Kelley, great video. I’m just wondering with Venus retrograding in Gemini here soon… how might this affect someone that has Venus in Gemini in their natal chart?

    1. Kelley Rosano

      It will give you an extra long Venus return and that’s a positive!

  7. Lady Of Light

    I need to date

    1. Luis Farias

      Same, goof luck!

  8. Eneka Elements

    Great intro to the video followed by a brilliant astrology forecast.

  9. Anita Lewis

    I’ve had several art shows cancelled the next months. Whew! The silver lining is that I can hunker down in my studio and have freedom to create! Otherwise it was a constant battle to meet deadlines. New ideas already coming!

  10. Mike Bellars

    Oooohhhh. Weeeeee. Iam so ready 4 APRIL. Bring it on. I always luv hearing u tell what’s coming up. And next. Lol. Thank you so much.

    1. Kelley Rosano

      You are so welcome

  11. Wellnessradio WellnessTV

    Thanks from Dominique from Belgium 💓

  12. Gisett Gonzalez

    THANK U SO MUCH. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼

    1. Kelley Rosano

      You are so welcome!

  13. Tere

    It feels like Mercury Reetrograde just started the other day. We’re in Community Quarantine but since I’m Freelancing, my work is not much affected.

  14. Donna Brown

    thank you for the good guidance. you’re a very special astrologer. I enjoy your energy so much

    1. Kelley Rosano

      Wow, thank you

  15. Kiki s

    my work just closed to do shut down

  16. Buhle The Voice

    Hi Kelley, I’ve been meaning to ask: when it comes to monthly astrology forecasts, which sign should one focus more on? Sun, Moon or rising? Many thanks!
    PS: I really enjoy your astrology forecasts ❤️

  17. Tina Johnson

    Thank you Kelly I’m going to be making some inventions I’ve got to patient them 1st .

  18. Be n

    The gunk is no more!! Where’s my parade!! The butterfly is itching to spread her wings!!😁🦋🌻☀️Great read.

  19. Kelley Rosano

    These videos were recorded and published before the quarantine! Because I have been full-time teaching in January, February and March in my Academy with my YouTube Insiders course. The advice of socializing can be adapted to online until we are safe to be together.

  20. Ms Ann

    Release the burden I been pass these burning the people’s I was dealing with was steal holding on to them burdens I am going to school to be a lawyer

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