The Moon in Scorpio: Transits and Natal

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The Moon is all about our feelings, and Scorpio is about intensity. This means that if you were born with the Moon in Scorpio you have a cauldron of emotion that can easily bubble over.

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  1. Jan Ragusa

    Thank you. Speaking as someone with a Scorpio Moon Conjunct Neptune (5th house), Jupiter, and the north node, I can verify all of which you spoke about.. and yes.. people have definitely left.. lol

    1. Mercury's Messenger Astrology

      same goes for me, Uranus retrograde exacted on my Scorpio Moon in the 3rd house.

  2. right might

    Scorpio: Dark, Chaotic, Complex, Fearless, Solemn, Unnerving yet alluring, Regenerative & Transformative catalyst, Healer, Intuitive, Psychic, Spiritual, Deep Emotional-Intensity, Secretive, Obsessive, Powerful Passions, Raw never superficial, Extreme yet subtle, Unforgiving. Investigator/Detectives.. Loyal
    Libra Sun, Libra Rising, Scorpio Moon. Mercury in Libra. North Node in Libra. VISHAKA Nakshatra (Vedic-Indian Astrology). 10/15.

    1. Zenith Astrology

      right might Yea people don’t seem to leave me, that’s especially rare. I usually leave them. There not intense enough, truthful enough, or they do or say something I later really disagree with. My pain tolerance is super high. But my adrenaline is too. If your giving me a bunch of simple stuff to do. I leave, your taxing the adrenaline I need for bigger better things. Simple conversation, simple concepts. I simply leave. By then there “hooked” on Pluto, and then THEY start being intense, by that Aquarian non time – I’m gone. I have flashbacks so people will also have them of me.

  3. Zenith Astrology

    Cool Rick did my Scorpio Moon, I don’t agree with some of the things he writes in the scopes though, like Sagittarius ruling “higher truth”. Few other things I disagreed with. But I always agree with most of what he writes, rare for me. Aquarius represents higher truth. Sagittarius the big picture, which can lead to truth. I’m always bringing “more” truth to Sagittarian’s and they appreciate it. There’s a few times they do it to me, but it’s rare. We appreciate each other for that. Sagittarius and Aquarius are the only two signs that rhymes and “looks” like each other at the end – were both arius’s. Nice to see you still doing the scopes without your Scorpio Moon friend. R.I.P. Jeff. Thanks for all your hard work guys. Your some of the rare Astrologers that I liked.

  4. Karel Voda

    0:45-1:02 HAHAHA had me laughing and smiling so hard. In a nutshell, yeah.

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