Zodiac Signs with Rick Levine: Leo

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Ruled by the fiery Sun, Leo the Lion cannot be ignored. There’s a sense of royalty surrounding this magnificent glamour-puss, whose warmth, charm, and love of drama always puts them at the center of attention.

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  1. Happy TX

    Happy birthday to me. Thanks

  2. ThePaganSun

    Leo is the LION of the Zodiac and as such its strengths should’ve been more hardcore and included: POWERFUL, DOMINANT, ACTIVE, FIERCE. Enough with the stupid “generous, faithful, charming or loving” crap! We are LIONS so start portraying us as such! “Powerful” needs to start being in OUR keywords, not in the overrated and hardly deadly scorpion’s. -_-

    1. Atlantean120

      ThePaganSun only a Leo would write a comment like this 😂😂 #arrogant

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