The Egyptian and African Chakras and the Tree of Life

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pyramids of Egypt. At night the bloody moon and stars shine

Both the Egyptian and African Chakra systems corresponded with a Tree of Life such as the one in the Jewish Kabbalah.  Their set of energy bodies including the chakras are quite similar to the Hindu tradition.  Author Cindy Dale discusses the Egyptian and African Chakras and Tree of Life in her book, The Subtle Body, An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy.

The Tree of Life and the Egyptian and African Chakra System

Root (first) Chakra:

Division of Spirit-Khab

Sphere – Lower half of tenth

Governs – Physical body

Naval (second) Chakra:

Division of Spirit- Khaibit

Sphere- Upper half of tenth

Governs- Animal nature

Solar Plexus (third) Chakra:

Division of Spirit- Sahu

Sphere- Seventh, eighth, ninth

Governs- Lower self

Heart (fourth) Chakra:

Division of Spirit- Ab

Sphere- Fourth, fifth, sixth

Governs-Spirit above and mundane below

Throat (fifth) Chakra:

Division of Spirit- Shekem

Sphere- Third

Governs- Creative words

Brow (Sixth) Chakra:

Division of Spirit- Khu

Sphere- Second

Governs- Oracular powers

Crown (Seventh) Chakra:

Division of Spirit- Ba

Sphere- First

Governs- Itango or source of creation

Egyptian Energy Bodies

The physical body – the physical body was referred to as ht or jrw, meaning “form” or “appearance”, during life.  At death, the body was called the khat, which means “the corruptible.”

The Ka- Ka roughly translates as the “double” or “vital force”.  It is the part of a person that exists beyond death.

The khabit- the shadow.  The khabit represents the lower nature, ruled by the senses.

The shekem- The area of divine powers and life energy.

The ba- Similar to the contemporary idea of the soul, the ba represents all the nonphysical qualities that compose a person.

The akh (also called the khu)- The term means “transfigured spirit”, the “shining one,” or the “luminous one.”  It is equivalent to one’s higher self, denoting the form one takes in the hereafter.

The khaibit (also called the shwt)- This is the shadow, or hidden self, most often connected to the dead or the other worlds.

The ren- Meaning “name,” the ren is the part of the self that makes things real.  Naming is considered an important manifestation process across many cultures. To name something is to manifest it.

The sahu- The glorious spiritual body, used to transport the ka to the heavens after death.

African Energy Bodies 

The physical body (umzimba)

The ethic body (isltunzi)-etheric counterpart to the physical body

Lower mind (amandhla)- holds life force and energy.

The animal mind (utiwesilo)- passions, emotions, and instincts.

Human mind (utiwomuntu)- consciousness, intellect, higher feelings.

Spiritual mind (utiwetongo)- higher planes that create spiritual awareness.

The ray (itongo)- spark of universal spirit.

Ancient Egyptian and African Oils for Chakra Balancing

Many holistic African practitioners use oils and herbal essences to practice chakra balancing. Some of the oils they used were sandalwood, rose and rose essence, frankincense, lotus oil, and lemon oil.  The ancient Egyptians used sacred oils in rituals and ceremonies, in addition to chakra balancing. The Egyptians tied the chakra centers to specific endocrine glands vital for health.  They also used Lotus oil, which corresponds with the Crown chakra. Sandalwood oil was considered to be the eye of Horus and a clarifier for the pituitary gland. Rose oil was called the Heart of Isis and booster of the thymus gland.  While jasmine oil correlated to the solar plexus chakra and the adrenal glands.

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