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The cosmos and its many mysteries have held human beings entranced for centuries. From the ancient Mesopotamians to the modern-day astrologers and astronomers, humans have struggled to find meaning in the vast emptiness that is space. Celtic horoscope signs are proof that many cultures have looked into the stars to understand human nature.

Here, we will study the Celtic horoscope signs and break down each one.

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Birch- the Achiever

If you were born from December 24th – January 20th, you belong to the birch horoscope sign. Congratulations! You are an achiever: an independent thinker and a natural born leader. You’re reliable, level-headed, proud, charming, and independent.

Animals– White Stag, Golden Eagle

Compatibility– Vine, willow, adder

Gemstones– Crystal

Color– White

Rowan- the Thinker

If you were born from January 21st – February 17th, your Celtic horoscope sign is the rowan tree. You’re a thinker with an unquenchable thirst for truth. You’re known to spend many hours attempting to amplify your ever-expanding knowledge.

Animals- Green dragon, crane

Compatibility- Hawthorn, Ivy.

Gemstones- Peridot

Color- Gray

Ash- the Enchanter

In Celtic horoscope signs, from February 18th to March 17th are the days of the Ash tree. You love peace and quiet so that you may exercise your favorite pastime – artistic, creative thinking and contemplation.

Animals- Seahorse, seal

Compatibility- Willow, reed

Gemstone- Coral

Color- Green

Alder- the Trailblazer

Born between March 18th – April 14th would make your horoscope sign the Alder. You move forth with fury, making your own way! You tend to inspire others, and many will follow. You’re self-assured and secure.

Animals- Fox

Compatibility- Hawthorn, oak

Gemstone- Ruby

Color- Red

Willow- the Observer

Being born between April 15th – May 12th makes you part of the Willow sign. As such, you’ve got a wild imagination! You’re creative and intuitive, which gives you great potential to be a psychic.  

Animals- Sea serpent and adder

Compatibility- Birch and Ivy

Gemstone- Moonstone

Color- Yellow

Hawthorn- the Illusionist

If you were born between May 13th – June 9th, you belong to the Hawthorn sign. As such, you’re restrained and level-headed. You’re patient and thoughtful, analyzing before acting.

Animals- Bee, owl

Compatibility- Ash, rowan

Gemstone- Topaz

Color- Purple

Oak- the Stabilizer

Being born between June 10th – July 7th would make your sign in the Celtic horoscope signs the Oak. Like the tree, you stand strong, both in your principles and in your emotions, and like the tree, your strength provides protection.

Animals- Wren, otter, white horse

Compatibility- Ash, reed

Gemstone- Diamond

Color- Black

Holly- the Ruler

Those born between June 10th – July 7th belong to the sign of the holly, and the holly is often associated with kingly regality. You are adored and admired for your strength and stardom. Bend a knee to your ruler!

Animals- Cats, unicorns (yes, really)

Compatibility- Ash, elder

Gemstone- Carnelian

Color- Silver

Hazel- the Knower

You’re a hazel if your birthday is anywhere between August 5th – September 1st. As a hazel, you’re highly intellectual. You tend to excel in academia and you retain information with ease. Memorization is second nature to you!

Animals- Crane, salmon

Compatibility- Hawthorn, rowan

Gemstone- Amethyst

Color- Brown

Vine- the Equalizer

If you were born anywhere between September 2nd – September 29th, you were born to the vine in Celtic astrology. People born to this sign are very empathic, so much so that they don’t easily take sides. They are often misinterpreted as being indecisive. 

Animals- Lizard, hound, white swan

Compatibility- Willow, hazel

Gemstone- Emerald

Colors- Pastels

Ivy- the Survivor

People born from September 30th October 27th belong to the ivy horoscope sign. Those born to this sign will not back down, cower, or retreat. They are very determined and firm, and they are a force to be reckoned with, as they tend to bulldoze anything standing in their way.

Animals- Boar, butterfly, goose

Compatibility- Oak, ash

Gemstone- Opal

Color- Blue

Reed- the Inquisitor

If you were born from October 28th – November 24th, you are of the reed sign. People of the reed sign are explorers. They wish to unravel the secrets to every mystery they encounter. As a person born to the reed sign, you dig deep into an issue, wanting to know the many layers of the solutions.

Animals- Wolf, owl

Compatibility- Reeds, ash, oak

Gemstone- Orange

Color- Jasper

Elder- the Seeker

People of the elder horoscope sign were born from November 25th – December 23rd. As the name may suggest, people born to the Elder sign or the Celtic horoscope signs are wise, mature, and analytical individuals.  They are great advisers… And huge thrill-seekers. 

Animals- Badger, black horse, raven

Compatibility- Alder, Holly

Gemstone- Jet

Color- Gold

Celtic Horoscope signs: A journey begins

We hope you’ve found what you were looking for, and we hope the results gave you a pleasant surprise. Out of the Celtic horoscope signs, which are you? Did the Celt druids match your personality? Let us know in the comments! 

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