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Western Astrology places a lot of emphasis on the Sun Sign, but the Moon Sign is equally important. This is particularly true for females.  The Moon exhibits emotions, feminine qualities, traits, and characteristics. When the Moon transits through one of the zodiac signs, it takes on the same attributes as that sign.  Here we will look at the Moon Sign Sagittarius. 

Moon Sign Sagittarius Characteristics

People born with their Moon Sign in Sagittarius usually have a fun-loving and adventurous approach to life. They are warm and friendly individuals.  These individuals are usually drawn to music, philosophy, art, poetry and thinking outside of the box. They love to travel and meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures.  Those born with their Moon in Sagittarius usually have their own unique belief in terms of spirituality, life, and death. They may have their own unique philosophy. They are curious about the meaning of life and long to serve a higher purpose.

Those born with their Moon in Sagittarius love to explore far and wide. This is due to Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter. Jupiter is known to be the planet of expansion. Moon Sign Sagittarius people love nature. The men are usually hunters, archers or outdoorsmen.  Women are often nature enthusiasts or enjoy gardening or herbalism. Moon Sign Sagittarius people tend to thrive better living in the countryside rather than the city. 

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, making those with their Moon in Sagittarius capable of easily embracing change.  In fact, they can get quite bored if things stay the same for too long. Moon Sign Sagittarius people aren’t fond of small details and like to focus more on the big picture or the end result of a project.  They make great visionaries. Moon Sign Sagittarius people are natural teachers and life-long students. They are constantly eager to learn, and this usually makes them intellectually advanced among their peers.  As teachers, they make great gurus and are looked up to by their students. 

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, it often makes people bored with their current surroundings. They will dream of far off places and feel an urge to travel.  Many people will feel inspired to book a trip and plan their travel itinerary. Foreign communications, trade, and business are all areas that will flourish under the Moon in Sagittarius. 

Moon Sign Sagittarius Health & Body

Moon Sign Sagittarius corresponds with the liver.  Due to their sensitive livers, it is important for Moon Sign Sagittarius people to watch their alcohol intake and certain foods.   Moon Sign Sagittarius people are always on the go, so it would make sense that the hips and thighs would be other important body part correspondences to them. Helpful herbs for Moon Sign Sagittarius would be; milk thistle, turmeric, and burdock.

Moon Sign Sagittarius Emotions

When the Moon transits through Sagittarius, people embrace autonomy and independence. People feel an urge to listen to their own desires and ideas and not those of the group.  People feel a desire to pursue freedom-seeking activities and to engage in their own hobbies and interests, following their hearts.

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