Venus through the Zodiac Signs

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Venus is the planet of love and aesthetics.  It exhibits harmonious and beautiful energy.  Venus has been called the lesser benefic planet, in relation to the great benefic planet of Jupiter.   Venus affects a person’s love style and emotional life according to the zodiac sign it was in at their time of birth.   How does Venus affect each of the zodiac signs when it transits through them?  Let’s look here.

Venus in the Zodiac Sign of Aries

People born with Venus in Aries will have a fiery and passionate nature.  Others will quickly know how a person with Venus in Aries feels emotionally.  Negatively, there can be a bit of an immaturity factor within their emotional life.  This can come off as charming or undesirable. 

Venus in Taurus 

Venus rules Taurus and feels naturally at home in this sign.  Those born with their Venus in the zodiac sign of Taurus will be very sensual and romantic.  They will love to engage their senses in earthly pleasures. Venus in Taurus people will love to wine and dine their partners. 

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini people are great at forming friendships but may have trouble moving on to a romantic relationship.  These individuals need their spouse to be their friend first and have good communication. The duality of Gemini can create ups and downs within their love relationships. These individuals can often tend to be in love with two people simultaneously.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer will allow for a person to express their emotions very freely.  These individuals are very warm within their love relationships and often radiate a motherly essence to them.  Negatively, they can take on too much of a nurturing role within their romantic relationships. They can also have trouble controlling their emotions.

Venus in Leo

Those born with Venus in Leo have a very vivid emotional life.  With the fire element in Venus, these individuals will express their emotions with intensity and passion.  They love to bestow their object of affection with gifts and surprises. Negatively, they can tend to dominate a loving partnership.  They can also be overdramatic. 

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo people will be great caretakers in their love relationships.  They will do their best to provide health and balance to their romantic relationships.  Negatively, those born with Venus in the zodiac sign of Virgo can be lukewarm lovers. 

Venus in Libra

Those born with Venus in Libra loves to be in a loving partnership.  These individuals are made for long-lasting and committed relationships.  Maintaining a well-balanced relationship with good communication is important for these people.  Negatively, they can rely on their partner too much. 

Venus in Scorpio

Those born with Venus in Scorpio are very passionate lovers.  They need a close and intimate relationship filled with passionate love.  The depth of Scorpio’s ruler Pluto makes the Venus in the zodiac sign of Scorpio person someone who is in the relationship for the long haul. Negatively, these individuals can be too possessive of their partners.

Venus in Sagittarius

People born with Venus in Sagittarius are very free with their emotions.  They are warm and loving. They are adventurous and optimistic in love. Negatively, Venus in Sagittarius people can come across as uncommitted due to their free spirit.  They may have trouble maintaining long-term relationships.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn can signify love and relationships that require long and continuous work. Love is usually not the main priority for someone with their Venus in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.  These individuals are usually more focused on their careers. However, when these individuals are in a relationship, it is usually committed and for life. Negatively, they can come across as cold and unfeeling in love due to their lack of focus on it.

Venus in Aquarius

Like Gemini, who also shares an air element with Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius people need friendship above all before love.  They have strong ideals and are rational thinkers.  They may see love as a general idea rather than an emotional process.  Those born with Venus in Aquarius may have trouble expressing themselves emotionally within intimate relationships.

Venus in Pisces 

People born with their Venus in the zodiac sign of Pisces will be very open and caring towards their partners in love relationships.  They are very gentle and considerate of love. Their water element and ruler Neptune make them very dreamy in love. They are very sacrificing people that would do anything for those they love.  Negatively, they can sometimes be easily disillusioned in love due to their ruling planet Neptune.

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