Heal Your Fear of Rejection & Failure

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You CAN Heal your fears of rejection and failure. You can feel confident and courageous to live your calling.

Do you ever feel there is SO MUCH MORE you can be doing with your gifts but don’t know what’s holding you back?

You may “think” you want to have more success and opportunities. And yet, you might have subconscious blocks that are prohibiting you from prospering.

I hosted recently a live workshop to help you transform your fears into confidence and courage.

I share with you simple potent techniques that will revolutionize how you express yourself.

In this video I share with you:
*Why your subconscious beliefs are keeping you from having the money or success you desire
*How you might be hiding even though you are consciously “putting yourself out there”
*Healing exercises you can do to gain more confidence and courage
*The steps you can take to turn your calling into a prosperous career

I guide you through a powerful healing process to release your subconscious fears so you can allow yourself to be seen and successful.

You will connect with your intuition and elevate your energy so you can feel free to be yourself and share your gifts.

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  1. myowncoach dot

    This is so timely! Thank you! ✨🙏❤️

  2. Julie Anderson

    Perfectly whole is my first thought. Spirit sent you to me this morning. Exactly what was needed in my next step in getting ready for my day

  3. Sue Broome

    I’m watching on YT replay. The exercise on pulling in the white light was so beautiful. Thank you. This is something I train as well, and yet … I need to be reminded. Thank you. <3

    1. Kari Samuels

      We all need to be reminded. So glad this helped you!

  4. Katie Maniaci

    I missed the live feed last night. Catching this on YouTube. Thank you Kari!

  5. cindy nolet

    Hello I love the vision that came through your beautiful solar plexus. I’ve been getting that light workers can have an expanded physical abdominal area. I work with adjusting energies in a away to change something negative to become the original frequency of positive (which is divine and not hijacked) with the expanded solar plexus we receive the correct energy expansion!! So yay Kari!! You gave me tools and intuitive insights🥰

    1. cindy nolet

      Saying goodbye to my expanded tummy area😘

  6. Jade Riley

    It sounds like you were suffering from PTSD from your childhood that made you very hyper vigilant of people’s emotions. Maybe you had to walk on eggshells so you had to over tune in. On top of this your a good soul. This is not netting an empath as their is no clinical proof that is exists. I have lots of empathy and am very empathic.. I would never label myself an empath. Often the use of the term can be very dangerous and damaging as people will say, ‘oh it’s just who i am am’, I’m an empath ‘and can severely inhibit them from going forward and doing the deep shadow work they need to do.

  7. Jamie Lee Kedigh

    Love this, you are your own brand.. Thank you, Kari…💙

  8. Lacey K

    Simple and beautiful guided meditation, I felt it. Thanks Kari 💛

  9. January Harper

    Kari thank you so much! This is amazing! Just what I needed to be reminded of at this time. I can’t imagine you ever being afraid of a thing. You are such a bright light and just seeing you makes me smile. You uplift me just by being here. Thanks for this video and reminders on how to release my fear around being sensitive. 💗💫💗

    1. Kari Samuels

      I am so happy you found this helpful! And yes, I used to be afraid of everything!

  10. Joseph Freyta

    Thank you so much for making this Kari, I really feel like you described me to a tee when you were talking about being an empath: feeling very porous and taking everything in. It’s been so difficult learning how to deal with this and honestly I have no idea where to go for advice but i know you’re always someone to look to. ❤️💫✨ thanks again 🙏🏻

  11. Lauren Johnson

    Tuning into my solar plexus was exactly the guidance I needed today wow. I am now committing to a morning and night solar plexus meditation for a bit.. I’ve also been learning a lot about the ego lately and the combination of solar plexuses authentic power and learning who I am beyond egoic fears.. man I’m being divinely guided!! Thanks Kari.

  12. Cristina Leivas

    I’m an intuitive that would get premonitions etc when I was young and I tucked it away. I was always scared of handicapped kids, surgery, and death. I had one biological child when I was 24 yrs old and my daughter was born via c-section, Down syndrome and I lost her when she was 21. So what’s my path now? To use it to help others thru similar situations or what? @karisamuels

    1. Kari Samuels

      I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you need to go on a spiritual journey to reclaim your intuitive gifts

  13. Suzy Q

    Wasn’t expecting that to be as powerful as it was for me, especially considering the level of resistance I experienced throughout. Relived potent flashbacks of myself being chased and basically hunted. Im grateful for the courage I had then, to express myself in spite of paying for it dearly. I hope to do her justice bc I believe that she did that to pave the way for me to do it in this life.

    1. Kari Samuels

      You are a brave and beautiful being! YES – keep believing in yourself and having the courage to live your soul’s truth!

  14. Paula E

    Thank you so much Kari. I had to watch the replay and found this super helpful even the Q&As – powerful stuff and very timely xXx

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