How rationality and empirical evidence and facts can hide the truth of reality and existence…

You are currently viewing How rationality and empirical evidence and facts can hide the truth of reality and existence…

How rationality and empirical evidence and facts can hide the truth of reality and existence…and what you can do about it.

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  1. Kevin Meechan

    Good morning kind sir!

  2. Virtual Insanity

    There are a lot of ppl out here these days that say everything should be considered a subjectivity. I think they are dangerous. Mistaking ego for truth.

  3. Tao Now

    Assuming something is basically subscribing to a past idea or ideology, Ramana said not only do we assume , we pre assume , which is even stronger dogma, we preceded the pre assumption that we are human beings.

  4. doug archer

    Deepak! You are very annoying!😊 You make me THINK! Enjoy your day!

  5. Anastacia

    I am very grateful for these talks, sir. You are very eloquent in your explanation of complex ideas and an excellent teacher.

  6. Kanan Sinha

    Beauty… Beauty…Beauty

  7. Eliete Chuff Souto

    What time begins? I am in Brazil

  8. Isak Lytting

    I am so sad about the world and the suffering of all the people and animals, and nothing seems helpful in the horizon. I am confused why people seem to have been sleepwalking into totalitarianism, fascism and dissolution of all that is good for the last 30-40 years, and only once in a while do you hear someone who seems to be awake and conscious of the state of things and the profound danger to everone and what is good. The world used to seem sane, then it seemed more and more cruel and cynical, and now it seems deranged, and it’s a wonder to me that most people don’t seem to drop what they are doing, and banding together to save the world and make things better again. But then again, I don’t know what to do, either, so maybe that’s the same reason other people don’t do anything? I am so confused.

    Sometimes, I wonder if it could possible have something to do with me. Whether all of it could possibly be my fault, somehow? By me neglecting something, maybe, or actively doing something, or taking the wrong step or direction at some point? I know the mental hospitals are overflowing with people who have the same theory. But I can’t help have a tiny sense that it might not be completely unrelated.

    To some extent, the deroute of the world – or maybe of human society – or of the Zeitgeist of the civilized world – I am not even sure what I am trying to define – and that of myself have been somewhat synchronous.

    But my mind and my life is such a mess, that I don’t have a clear enough picture that I can’t form clearer insights into myself, my psychology, and my sense of the world, and of the “psychology of the world”. So I am feel unable to make any progress on understanding the nature of these questions.

    I have been trying to work on myself for the last 25 years, when I had a nervous breakdown, and my mind and was almost completely destroyed. I hope I will find sufficient understanding the many things I am confused or utterly baffled about, and that I will find a state, a path, a point, or something else I know not what, where things will begin to make sense, and I will begin to be happy, or maybe something else – there is something I am trying to find, or accomplish, or achieve, or become, or rid myself of, or rediscover – I don’t know. But I hope I will at some point be able to look back on it (or into it?) and say, ” THAT was what I trying for, but didn’t know and couldn’t comprehend, or which was hidden from me, or which I consistently went askew of.”

    1. Wearethedivineone Earth

      I Am feeling ignorant about what to do now too.🤔 Besides vote.


      in your capacity to state what you have, it seems you have a great deal of insight already. i being able to voice or formalize your feelings/perceptions, it seems there is an underlying “AIM”, ( the underlying fervor in the direction of “BECOMING”) having been on my own quest, i understand how perplexing experiences can get. the one thing standing out as you elaborate on your experience, is “your not knowing”. this is actually your streangth. you have only to position or posture your experience to allow for “not knowing”, letting the experience be your “best friend” not “your worst nightmare”. ….. some monks say, “being arises from non-being”. some philosophers say, “know thy SELF”. what is the “SELF”? how can you know its presence or existence? with the experience of “not knowing” as your best friend you can stand free and clear of being entangled in the disarray of a confused world. keep listening to THE CHOPRA WELL, and search out other practitioners also. ( YOUTUBE: AWAKEN THE WORLD FILMS, ALAN WATTS: most any thing he has on Buddhism and Hinduism, there is a Buddhist monk called Thich NHAT Hanh, at Plum village, sad guru, with “inner engineering”, Osho International. ) … i had my first insight into the nature of wholeness through my first construction job. as to what experience will work for you, is impossible to say, but being able to keep your experience well referenced with the “knowledge of being”, and striving to “thy own SELF be true”, you can be in the world and with the “unknown”, from what i have experienced so far, “this search” is really about being a “complete human being”, not the fragment or role or limitation/category the world might want to know you as. when faced with trials and tribulations, i have found compassion, at a minimum, or love if you can truly be comfortable with the level of intimacy and emotional dynamic it brings about, to be the best tools by which to maintain an experiential equilibrium. stay the course, good luck..

  9. Marc Anthony Marquez

    Well constructed;)

  10. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir Thank you.

  11. Florence Fantauzzi

    I have always believed in you.

  12. M New

    So refreshing to hear from a person what I always felt to be true, yet not approved by nobody near me, nor the narrow minded society. Deepak, you are talking sense into a non-sense world. Thank you! Never stop talking, doit for us, your children.

  13. Golden Lady

    Thank you!

  14. Wearethedivineone Earth

    Namaste Deepak.

  15. camelia elena

    love …the highest realisation of love i had , took me to a level where i could not be agry ,or violent at all . a pure state of love multiplied thousands of times and felt in a human body. i could love every creature even the most scary and see the beauty in it . the so called bliss , that is the state of being. the aliveness . the ultimate truth as you said .i wish one day the earth humans reach that state ! all together . perhaps heaven is this : love(god) and matter reunited . relax me listen to you .cause i heare myself . we well see all human interpretations and observations are not the same . from here we can easily feel the nature of this ground upon we evolve as consciousness . the infinity of opinions …like a backyard of children playing.just beautiful , but i know now,truth is one ,behind all that .

  16. Yoga Mom

    Deepest thanks for your teachings, Deepak!

  17. Magda 13


  18. living in a dollhouse

    quantum mecanics based on the dubble slit proving the virtrual reality

  19. living in a dollhouse

    btw: there is NO evidence of a spinning waterball (dont trust “science”)

  20. Mae Deringer

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win…” I admire a man who never stops telling the truth, no matter how much criticism is thrown at you. Thank you Dr. Chopra.

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