Why You Are Not Your Body or Your Mind?

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You are not your body or your mind. Your body and your mind exist in you.* Deepak Chopra discusses the true nature of who we are, at the core of our existence.

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  1. Blossom A. Burton


  2. rajiv sharma

    I think our bodies are byproduct of our subconscious processing ?

  3. fadi 6917

    Mr chopra you do really young looking and seemingly you look younger and younger by day despite your real biologically age. Amazing!

  4. Tania Maria dos Santos

    Thank you so much !!! 🙏. I loved acquiring that awareness. It added a lot to the practice of Isha Kriya.🙏💕🙏💕🙏

  5. Hanna RAOUL

    yes, it makes sense. While walking downtown today, I was aware of the consciousness in the experience of the walk, sensing something. I can feel it easily if I’m only aware of this moment. Yes, I will practice this habit.

  6. seoreh

    But as a human being I’m made to feel emotions. Without the ability to empathize I’m less human. It’s those very emotions that connect me to my very humanity and also my spirituality. Without those human feelings I can’t feel my connection to my spirit and all of life. So to say I’m not my feelings/thoughts and mind is also taking away our real self because we need our humanity ( and those very beautiful things that make us human) to connect us to our spirit. To make those very human things impure or minimize them as bad because they sway us this way or that takes away from a beautiful way to connect to our very spirit. We are meant to have feelings to bring us to a place of healing and depth we couldn’t have without that. Eastern spirituality makes anything human as bad because it’s somehow not truth and illusory. But without what makes us human we lose our connection to earth, life, soul and eternity. I’m not my body, but my body stores trauma because I’m human- I feel, I hurt, I cry, I have been hurt. Without acknowledging that our body holds our feelings we become diseased.

  7. Marie-Christina To


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