If the physical world is my perception then why do we all see the same world?

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If we are all one mind then why can’t you experience my thoughts and why can’t I wiggle your toes by thinking?

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  1. Anamica Sharma

    This is truly amazing… I have recently discussed this topic with my husband and a few friends, who could not completely comprehend it. Thank you for discussing this topic Deepak ji, you put it so clearly and simply 🙏🏽

  2. Jeeksie

    Funny how this topic is in alignement with my thoughts! Thank you so much Deepak.

    1. percussion78

      Of course, your wonderful thoughts brought this before your face. Life is grand, isn’t it?

  3. Total T

    I have often thought, we do not share the same experience of the world. Close, but not entirely. Ty , Mr. Chopra. ✌

  4. Maria Machado

    Dr. Deepak I love to listen your words and I would love to understand all your explanations but my knowledge is not enough, well, I keep listening, maybe one day I will understand them all😊 thank you🙏

    1. Gerard Sanford

      I’ve found a lot of understanding by looking up the definitions of words even the simplest of words that I’m sure I know the meaning of. I’ve found in the definitions and the words that they are associated with that what is referred to as esoteric is obviously fully understood by those who actually advance our society. The names for biological terms also indicate this guidance. Like horizon means where the Earth meets the sky. Ganglion is the name for the receptors around the Pineal, gangplank is a bridge from ship to shore. Sacral pump at the base of the Spine is moved by the breath which moves the Holy Spirit up the Spine and flexes the fontanel of the skull, Font means receptacle of the Holy Spirit. Spirit means breath. Inspiration means to breathe in. Every word is entangled or brings to mind words that we most closely associate with it. Our feelings are exactly as words. 💞

    2. Kathryn Willette

      Gerard Sanford Thanks again! I decided to read the reply, because sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend some of this stuff, even though I’ve been following spirituality and the metaphysical for many years. I have to look up a word that Deepak says sometimes: “equanimity”. I’ve wondered about it, so I may as well look it up.
      You’re very helpful and not condescending! Thank you!

  5. KAM

    Differentiation is not separation 🙏🏽

    1. walt dutchak

      _ Differentiation is a mental assessment as to either making or identifying some thing unlike in nature, form, or quality.
      _ Separation is the mental conception of things being physically set apart in some way.
      _ Both of the above are essentially concepts attempting to explain events common to human experience.
      _ Delving a bit deeper into the matter, one could say that from our scientific conceptions every thing is ultimately energy in one form or another.
      _ Thus, at the level of energy (whatever that actually may be beyond any conceptual opinion), all meaning of separation and differentiation becomes moot
      _ In duality one can categorize, sort and separate. Unicity extinguishes that need.

  6. Hazel Goodman

    Thank you. A bit quiet for my hearing. Xx

  7. Gerard Sanford

    So shines a good deed in a weary world 🙏

  8. vasistha giri

    AUM <3 I Wish i was like u not same as u but nearly as knowledegble as u my dear one bless me

  9. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  10. Elan Sun Star Photography

    incredible…. have always had this questions….also the techniques to break through this mindset.

  11. lightning strikes

    I’ll say it again this guy’s voice just soothes me I don’t no why

    1. Derrick Forsythe

      lightning strikes same for me. I listen to him every evening to calm and prep for rest. I think his voice is ASMR for us.

  12. Watami Werami

    Yes We would love that and I could comment a thousand times to keep your chanel active and popular! Great job sharing your knowledge.

  13. The Creative Intuitive Oracle Reader

    Thank you for my daily texts I’m very grateful for you

  14. Reiki on the Run

    Oh good! You fixed your camera so we can read your shirts and books! I appreciate hearing things over. I learn more and it sinks in. Thank you for sharing with us.

  15. Bethani Green

    As usual so well said, Dr Chopra. You have already answered almost every question I didn’t know I had. I feel like a sponge when you teach. Just finishing up your 21 day meditation challenge. Thank you for all you do, I don’t know how you find the time and energy for everything, except that you are plugged into infinite source.

  16. Sarah Gelbwachs

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom Deepak!💗

  17. rkshrivastava

    Sound quality of recording is very poor.

  18. Marshall Curtis

    You are a voice of sanity in the world! (but it needs to be projected louder as I can hardly hear you).

  19. Aurora C

    Yes! I am right with you. I have spent many decades studying the true nature of reality and this virtual self representation within it. This of course includes how the mind creates its own perceptual reality via its interpretation of information contained within the frequency of Consciousness with which it resonates. Everything you said makes perfect sense to me. I talk about these things when it is applicable on the Quora website. One time you gave me a wonderful compliment on one of my answers. I was always so excited and grateful for that. Such confirmation is priceless to me. Only today did I find out your are on YouTube! I saw your video on the Coronavirus. Thank you for your videos! I look forward to enjoying many others! I love what you are talking about today. I will try not to talk your ear off in response! I exercised a great deal of restraint here as this topic is my passion. LOL. I know it is time that more human beings awaken to their true nature and the mechanic by which reality is created and experienced. Blessings of joy and love! Blessings to the Cosmic Symphony Here and Now that’s passion is to sing our praises! Namaste.🌸🌺🕉🙏🔥💛

  20. Ingrid Johana

    Today I was using the same T-shirt that you wear here…we need formulate the questions again.

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