Magical Music – Magic of Fire and Ice Witch Meditation Music

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Welcome to this magical music and the magic of fire and ice meditation music, a spiritual witch or magical meditation track to aid you in your practice today.

This meditation music can, of course, be used for and fire meditations or ice/water meditation if you are practising element meditation such as in Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Nei Gong or the martial arts, as well as yoga, tarot or other ritual practises.

Meditation music can be used to help you just check out of your programmed routines and reset your life.

The relaxed mediative mind helps you to be in the moment as well as helping you to go deeper into your meditation, relaxation or Yoga practice.

So for now just set your intention and let everything go of everything else…. Become mindful of where you are and allow yourself to flow with the music.

Skeed Magic Meditation Music designs magical meditation music using carefully researched and studied tuning, tones and frequencies to take your meditation sessions to the next level. The will help you sleep more profoundly too.

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