Magical Music – Mystic Music for Meditation and Magic

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Welcome to this magical and mystical music for meditation and magic. This instrumental ambiance can help you relax and disconnect from modern life and gain insight as you meditate into the occult powers of your consciousness.

Sublime, surreal, hypnotic, and mystical.

Just let go, melt into this mystic music and occulted frequencies and drift into your mystical and magical nature that is so often overlooked.
Feel the magic within you, connect to your magic and your true self.

How can music be magical and mystical? Apart from the music itself, the secret is within the tuning and frequencies used within the music. Before there was a physical reality there was sound and many ancient cultures knew just how important sound was and is. This scientific or magical knowledge has been lost for millennia.

Skeed Magic Meditation Music brings you this meditative music that has been designed to take you deeper when you meditate or are profoundly contemplating a question you need answering.

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