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From Human to #Metahuman : Multi Dimensional Being

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  1. Munky Bidness

    That’s very interesting! Can you please reference some of those scientific articles or videos?

    1. christy g varghese

      Bro actually he mocks science

    2. BarefootCarefully

      I think you might find Nassim Haramein and Bruce Lipton interesting re: holographic universe aswell as other groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs.


    Great stuff! I love you! Thank you for so many wise words!

  3. Mental Health Topics with T Gill MD

    Thankyou for trying to make sense of it all

  4. Brandon M

    I have many leatherbound books and my glasses are bedazzled

  5. David Kennedy

    Time is flexible when the mind is but isn’t practical for everyday. Because grocery shopping wouldn’t get done

  6. Angelo C

    Seems that there is room for all instances and variations regardless of actual examples?

  7. kenneth hartman

    So grateful for you Deepak. I just read about awareness and consciousness from your book, wow!!! Being smart does not equal awareness. Intelligence is increased only when you have awareness. Without awareness, your intelligence is limited! ! Thank you Deepak for expanding my awareness!

    1. Շђє รђค๔๏ฬ ๓๏ภคгςђ

      Are you aware that awareness comes with a brain right? You must have a brain to be aware of something or the world around you.




    Yes, blah, blah, blah.

  10. Control Oz

    I can turn a camera on and say anything I like for a minute and then switch it off.

  11. perception objective truth

    This is true I’ve lived a mini different dimensions four words backwards side to side linear up down the possibilities are infinite I found the one you definitely don’t want to be part of is the one that goes round and round and round Christ talk about that

  12. Dennis Neftleberg

    Very tubular.. that was linear thinking

  13. the therorist

    nose hair trimmers bro….get some

  14. TheEverythingKing85

    Spot on. You sound like a guru lol except more direct

  15. Jacinta Keeble

    So we are a soul but we experience multiple realities at once?

  16. tsurtew stnalpni

    We are experiencing one dimension of life while we are living.
    There are multiple dimensions in the dimension we are in now that overlap at certain times in an individual’s life based on your situation and experiences.
    We don’t move through time.
    We experience time as a concept because of space.
    It is so simple its f-ing mind boggling. 🤯

    No wonder Einstein and Tesla lost touch with this reality.
    The rabbit hole don’t end guys,
    if you keep peering.

    But also, peer away😄

    1. Շђє รђค๔๏ฬ ๓๏ภคгςђ

      Math predicts higher dimensions, but for goodness sake do NOT mix it with fantasy crap.

  17. xxxxfile

    they torture me

  18. xxxxfile

    transdimensional multidimensional beings from other dimensions rule humans their evil demon alien hybrirds

  19. TheNewTestamentNetwork

    So what the Bible has been saying all along.

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