The Impact of Meditation on your Physical Health

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Join me and Oprah Winfrey for one of our favorite 21-Day Meditation Experiences: Perfect Health

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  1. Tao Zen Chi

    enjoy urself too sir DC

  2. Tao Zen Chi

    perfect vhealth and satisfied
    but do u oarty 99%

  3. daniel simerson

    Goodmorning mister Chopra

  4. Tracy Racette

    Good morning Deepak. Thank you. Good morning all.

  5. Jeeksie

    From France, I subscribed to the 21 days méditation’s programm. Can’t wait . Thank you so much Deepak for your generosity. Be blessed.

    1. Chopra Center

      We’re happy to hear you’re joining us! Namasté.

  6. Aditya Niyogi

    I would surely join.

  7. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you very much for your service to people well being.

  8. Phil O'bryan


  9. Veda Rupini

    🙏🏻 namaste! Deepak sir you look 55 years old I was shocked you are 73 years old 😲

  10. Bee Bop

    I’ll be there

  11. Patricia S

    This is always a beautiful experience for me. Indeed, we must attend to our wellbeing.
    Your timing is apropos. I really love all your work. Thank you.

  12. Fayyaz Mehmood

    Aap ki baatein toh hein drustt mggr kamm logonki fikkr touch krreingi

  13. Maria Bentele

    Thank you so much, I will join.

  14. Annie Frechette

    Yes!! Thank you for the free meditation!! Wow you don’t look 73!!🤩

  15. kisa gothami

    I respect you Sir. Listen to you every day. Like to join the programme. Thank you .

  16. Gerard Sanford

    When I was a kid I would try to imagine what it would be like to be dead cause I thought it was an important question. I think I missed the mark because I would stop breathing instead of disregarding the body’s feeling of breathing and just feeling the energy. I think death is just a shift in what we are aware of just like every other moment that begins with a flood and ends with the baptism of a new creation. I used to meditate two hours a day but that’s shifted to mostly two minutes. I’m going to meditate right now since apparently the Universe isn’t going to stop nagging me about it. 💞🌄🔥🌈

  17. Christine ACB

    “Only busy people have time for meditation, or it is a sign of self importance or may be wasting your time”… 🙏🍀💝🍀🙏

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  19. Megan Runk

    Perfect timing for my journey! My Dad gave me ‘Perfect Heath’ when I was in college a long time ago, and I loved it! I am Grateful for this opportunity! Thank You!

  20. Paula Prado

    I have registered to the 21 days 🧘🏼‍♀️… thank you Deepak… love it and you with all my heart ❤️

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