The invisible you is the real you.

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Wisdom traditions will tell you that if you can hear it, imagine it, visualize it, taste it, feel it, it is not real. The real you is the formless, spaceless, infinite, dynamic, you can not imagine it but without it there would be no perceived reality.

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  1. Guru Raj

    Why make it so complex??….there is something called Aura which is an energy field which can even be up to 60 feet or maybe even more which might be the reflection of the real person inside us

  2. GreenEyedChild


  3. Noushad PA

    Thank you

  4. purr bugaloo

    Is this like” The Tao that can be named is not the true Tao”?

  5. Indigo Fella

    I am an energy passing through time and space !! I belongs to Truth and eternal 😊

  6. Todd Sloan

    now i’m Flabberghasted!

  7. DeanRendar84

    As an insecure thanks to society, this gives me a comfort

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