Who Was Shankara? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Deepak Chopra explains the philosophies and contributions of Adi Shankara, the great Indian Philosopher. Shankara is featured in Deepak’s newest book – “God: A Story of Revelation.”* Deepak breaks down various conceptions of consciousness and shows how Shankara contributed to our understanding.

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    Namaste Deepak , I’m so grateful for the work you are doing to elevate human consciousness .
    I’ve been following you since 2014.
    Your guided healing meditation has helped me come out of anxiety . I have ordered ‘ You are the universe ‘ so excited to read it .


    Ādi Shankarāchārya was born around 509 B.C. and died around 477 B.C. That be was born in 800 A.D. is wrongly established by Max Mueller and is adopted towards end of 20th century by one the 4 mutts.

    Till date, except one mutt, all others including Kanchi Kāmakóti Peetham, Kāncheepuram, take 509 B.C. as standard.

  3. A Zajac

    This is very, very interesting. I can’t wait for the next lesson. Thank you.

  4. SJ

    Dr Chopra, how do you determine the mantras for people who do not know the place of their birth?

  5. Bob Crudele

    The mantra phrase Sri Krishna Shankara is starting to make sense to me now. Thank you.

  6. Abhishek shah

    Dualism isn’t easily given up. One must study Cartesian dualism carefully before accepting non physicalist monism. Physicalism is outright wrong because it cannot account for qualia in its ontology.

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