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As many of you know I am a green witch and aspiring herbalist and so over my years of study, there has always been one video I’ve wished to see – one like this! So in this video, I share with you all the seconds and areas of research I delve into each time I begin a study for a new herb. This is the basic outline I fill out in my materia medica or herbal journal and I hope you will find this video useful and perhaps you’ve ever hoped for one as well.

Herbal Profile Key:

Herbal Identification:
-common name
-Latin binomial
-other common names
-plant family
-botanical description
(if applicable – related species, lookalikes, and cultivars)

Medicinal Properties (if applicable):
-recommended cultivars
-parts used
-specific indications
-medicinal preparations
-ratio and dosage information
-medicinal uses
-precautions and contradictions
(if an herb is not edible or medicinal include toxicity and warnings here)

Magickal Attributes:
-facility (power or association of magickal correspondence)
-magickal uses and folklore

-native to…
-soil (ph and type of soil)
-growing information and garden care
-insects and disease
-harvesting and preparations

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  1. Sondra Edie

    Thank you for this. I am a studying herbalist (on my own), I have been intrigued by the green witch, this video satisfied some if my interest.

  2. Dorah

    Thank you. You can find all the things around and as well as inside, which has powerful function. Well, here I have a question for you. Why Jesus could change water into wine but most other people cannot? I hope you get the hint. The most powerful power is your soul in your heart. Only the purest full of love heart can do that. When a heart is full of mundanes, such as hatred, jealousy, greedy, which loses its original power. So you see, you should have had been healthy. Healing, the most important is to heal the soul. Human is creative, who draw the Trojan Horse out from the underground in Egypt and put it into the present apps used by countless computers as well as man- made Covid which is worm. So it seems we are living in Troy now and waiting unconsciously for ” Greek” soldiers’ attack for we all have accepted Trojan Wooden Horse as scientific gift in our daily life So what we should heal, begin from where and how to heal? A really really big task! But you have to! And you have to start! Heal from inside! Sounds funny. But it is true. You say no ways for you have tried as many as you can. But there is one way you have not tried yet. So show us what is that? Yes, it is here…

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