Seeing 11:11? Deeper Meaning of Angel Number 1111 Revealed!

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11:11  Are you seeing it? 11:11 represents easy access to higher spiritual realms. But there is a deeper reason why you are seeing it! Find out what it is now.

Angel Numbers are the number sequences that carry guidance and messages from your angels when you see them. 11:11 is a BIG one… And while it has layers of meaning, there is an important deeper meaning that is revealed, that once you become aware of… A whole world of possibility up to you.

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Honestly, most of the content published online about the meaning of 1111 is surface level. So let’s dive deeper. Hey earth angels, Melanie Beckler here, and in this video we’re going to dive deep into the meaning of 1111 this spiritual awakening code and what it means, but neath that surface-level content and at the core of the opportunity that’s available to you when you keep seeing 1111 now, this is not to discount the information that’s out there because many of these perspectives about what it means to see 1111 remain incredibly valid because the 1111 is a sign from your angels of validation or confirmation from spirit. It can serve as an awakening call as a reminder of the inherent oneness present within all. It can be a signpost on the awakening path and a call from spirit in the present moment to dive inward, to reconnect with more of your core truth of who you really are and why you as a soul are really here.

But like most things on the spiritual awakening journey, there are levels of depth and levels of meaning as you continue to progress. On your path of growth, on your path of expanding your consciousness and reconnecting with more of that core truth of who you really are and why you’re really here in this life. Deeper wisdom, deeper insight, deeper teaching, and higher vibrational energy. Frequency in love is able to connect with you in the present. So to look at the deeper meaning of 1111 when you keep seeing it. So if you see 1111 once on the clock, it’s not that it doesn’t carry this deeper meaning, it’s just that when you keep seeing it when this awakening coach keeps showing up for you when it becomes obvious that there is a call and a message from spirit to tune in. So if you look at the numbers, 1111 one of the first things that stand out for me is about the actual structure of the number one.

It’s like a pillar of light. So the pillar of light is the most basic symbol, an archetype for your divine core, for the divine. I am presence and core truth of you. That is the core truth of your spirit, beneath the surface of your normal waking mind. But neath the perspectives of your personality self, the day in and day out, activities of your daily life lies an infinite wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, peace, and truth. Your Divine. I Am Core, your diamond light presence, your Crystalline Ascension column of light that is all 12 of your chakras, of your multidimensional being United as one pillar of light and presence that when tuned into brings incredible blessing and unlocks a deeper level of your soul wisdom and truth. So what this has to do with 1111 is really quite profound because the 1111 also represents four pillars of light. The four pillars of light that are the four cardinal directions, the four pillars of light that are the four Archangelic pillars, Archangelic energies holding up this platform for physical experience, for physical creation.

Archangel Raphael in the East, Archangel Michael in the South, Archangel Gabriel in the West Archangel Uriel in the North and in the center is your divine. I am core…

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  1. The Spirit of the Cosmos

    I see 1111 everyday! To me it’s a reminder I’m on my Golden Path. Thanks Melanie! Watching now! 🍿
    🤗 😇

  2. Pj2457

    My mother came by for a visit Saturday. We found an old pot, and a couple of vintage tumblers that my grandfather would have used. We spoke about a lot of stuff that day. Last November a family member said they saw my grandfather, and he asked them to pray for my Mom. He passed eleven years ago. When she got home Saturday, my Mom sent me a text saying she got home at 4:44. I felt a warmness in my heart.

  3. Susan Brimberry

    Yes melanie, when e bought the house address is 1111 4 that was before I was awaken. After a year I start dreaming. I’m an angel.

    1. Lloyd Manchester

      Susan Brimberry I didn’t see your post before I wrote mine. What synchronicity!

  4. Erika K

    1111 ♡ beautiful and profound. The most beautiful interpretation. A call from the universe to awaken to our inner truth, a reminder that we are loved, guided and protected

    1. keepin real

      Much love 💙 🇺🇸💙

    2. Erika K

      @keepin real sending lots of love !!

    3. keepin real

      Ty Erika and I have been seeing 1111 couple times a day for the past year and been trying to figure out what it means

  5. Angela Whartenby

    I tell the Angels I love them every time I see 11:11🥰

  6. Linda Söderström

    Hi, Since last year I see 11:11 or 1:11 often… and some other numbers as well 😇 💕

  7. Annette Gomez

    11:11! Thank you for the added information of this magical portal! I’ve been seeing it a lot more lately, as well as 2:22 and 3:33, almost everyday since the Full Moon on 1/10! Thank you, Melanie, you are a blessing!

    1. Kim Fetsko

      Annette Gomez I have also! Same numbers! 🌚🙏🏻♥️♥️♥️

  8. Nektar Candle Co.

    So funny because yesterday I was looking at the meaning of 11:11 since I am seeing it a lot these past few days! Thank you for this perfect timing, again! 🥰😍❤️✨

  9. Capt Peady

    Just for kicks I always set the microwave oven to 1:11 cooks perfect every time….. ha ha

    1. Jessica Krohn

      Capt Peady lollll

    1. Iris Diaz

      @Maastidon i saw 11:11 in john wick 2 😂

    2. Maastidon

      @Iris Diaz haha nice

    3. Magic Mountain

      I have been seeing 11:11 for about 34 years. I keep seeing it continuously. My entire birthday comes to 11:11 month, date and year

    4. keepin real

      Much love 💙 🇺🇸💙

    5. Bertha Ramos

      Iam a 11/11 and iam going to check this 11:11 you talking about I already feel very good and gifted

  10. Ali Altaf

    Melanie, After watching your 11-11 presentation, I cannot hesitate to state, that you are Wonderful & a Graceful Presenter having all the Natural capabilities of an advance Trainer in Angel work or in Spirituality. In your presentation there is no chance to miss even a tiniest point from the subject being presented. Regards- Ali London UK.

  11. Araene1

    Thank you so much! I started seeing 11:11 almost everyday now for 4 weeks after I think I got visited by Arch Angel Michael’s blue flame followed by crystal light in my bedroom between 3-3:30 am while I was watching the moon rises. I love your videos! Thank you so much❤️!

  12. Ekta Talwar

    You’re voice and the glow in you is like the divine golden light itself. You say the light we see in you is the light in us. But you are the way shower and the way itself. Gratitude ❤️

  13. Maurice Battle

    Not my GOD! He has been talking to me since I was a child and I’m listening now! Your nerves are being broke down over the years since you’ve been born by phenol through immunizations. This is the same for animals!!! They’re passing this off as a preservative. Nerves run the body!!! They’re making it look like GOD made the body wrong! Different levels of phenol different symptoms. They found this out when they were experimenting in the death camps. All auto immune disease’s don’t exist not some “All.” This is the truth! GOD made the body! The same GOD that can see the future. He knew what was coming so he made a body that can recycle anything foreign. He gave his only son for us and he just wants you to believe in him. I did and it paid off! I know this sounds unbelievable, but I’m sorry! You’re paying for death and if you think I’m wrong ask him why he made the body wrong when you see him! You don’t know what you don’t know! ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 911 saved me. Jesus Walks

  14. Eve Sanchez poet

    I see 1111 all the time! And so does my husband! Daily, sometimes multiple times! Can’t wait to see what Melanie thinks about this!

  15. Nick Young

    Thank you Melanie, that was another fantastic show with a very relevant message for current times.
    Sancto Claro.

  16. Joseph VanHouweling

    The numerology reading you sent out through your email chain was so accurate for me! From it knowing I played team sports when I was younger to how and why I’ve chosen my girlfriends, there’s no way I can dismiss what the info they gave about me as a soul. it’s amazing how they apply the info derived from the math of numerology. thank you for what you do! And to anyone reading this, I highly recommend you get on her email chain, it’s worth it!

  17. Dylan Martin

    I love how your videos find me at just the right time! Ever since turning in to your’s & Victor’s vids, I’ve been keeping a close watch and doing screen shots each time I see any of the same number sequences, and I enjoy those moments and keep seeing them more and more! Thank you so much for the deep dive about the 4 Pillars and the Archangel’s; that’s applicable to me in many ways. You’re the first person whom I’ve been learning of the Archangels from. Which of your courses do you recommend for a deep dive into the 4 Pillars & Archangels?

  18. Samal Sachin

    To Anyone who got their heart broken.
    This human loves you

  19. Sydknee S.

    Had a dream, I was with a friend, and there was 111 on the screen and I told him that I keep seeing those numbers. I woke up, check my phone, and it was 1:11 am!!

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