Interview with Stephen Mehler — Secrets of Ancient Egypt

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In this interview, Stephen Mehler shares his insights into the ancient mysteries of Egypt, the Great Pyramids, and the Sphinx. Mehler challenges the conventional belief that the pyramids of Egypt were tombs or burial chambers for the pharaoh’s, and presents interesting new perspectives on what the pyramids were, how they were used, and how people can experience their powers still today.

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  1. Troll Masters

    The Sphinx being a female makes sense. Where’s the Lion’s mane?

  2. Borr Magilicutty

    Look at the big brain on campus-
    This guy studied with the peoples from Giza who knew what there is to know. The real deal.

  3. Daniel Seifert

    The Sphnix would of had a lion’s head facing at the time of the constellation Leo. This current head is way off size and scale. Just looks wrong in my opinion.

  4. sadol11

    Terrible sound……..for a great interview…

  5. Kenneth White

    I would like to know what Stephen Mehler thinks about Dr. Henry Clark!


    Music in the background interferes with hearing Stephen Mehler how sad

    1. carina bergdahl

      Oh yes. Really disturbing I must say….

  7. Time is Art: a documentary series

    Love Stephen Mehler’s work

  8. Ral

    It isn’t bad enough that the sound is terrible but then they have to add a musical sound track on top of it to make it worse!

  9. Alex Meijer

    Music over an interview? Come on the sound is bad all ready!

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