The Political Views of the Zodiac Signs

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Capricorn Zodiac Signs

Business-minded Capricorns love the freedom capitalism brings them.  Being entrepreneurs and CEO’s themselves, they love to see their profits soaring.  They worked long and hard for their money, so they feel it is only fair they reap the full benefits of their labor.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs

Humanitarian Aquarians lean more toward socialist views within society.  They hold strong ideals and convictions when it comes to social justice and income equality.  They also favor the “black sheep” or “underdog” of society.

Pisces Zodiac Signs

Pisces zodiac signs are not big fans of politics.  This is an existential subject that concerns many people, and Pisces is usually too wrapped up in their inner world to get too involved in it.  If they have to choose, they will choose the view that they see as the most compassionate for humanity.

Aries Zodiac Signs

Opinionated Aries people usually see politics in black and white.  They rarely “sit on the fence” of anything. Whichever political view or affiliation they choose, they will believe in it 100%.  They will boldly question anyone who believes otherwise.

Taurus Zodiac Signs

Taurus zodiac signs love the finer things in life that money can buy.  It is no surprise they most often will favor capitalistic views and ideologies, as many Taurians are self-employed with their own businesses.  They will feel more comfortable with a political philosophy that they feel is on the side of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Gemini Zodiac Signs

Gemini loves to tune in to the latest news surrounding politics.  Although they may favor certain political ideologies over others, Geminis will change their political views several times throughout their lives.

Cancer Zodiac Signs

Cancers will most often favor socialism.  Cancerians are caring, nurturing and very much involved in human service sectors.  They are one of the most people-oriented zodiac signs.

Leo Zodiac Signs

Larger than life Leo zodiac signs are more likely to be attracted to Capitalism and its mindset. Leo likes to live a grandiose and extravagant lifestyle, and capitalism will support this lifestyle more so than socialism.

Virgo Zodiac Signs

Pragmatic Virgo will choose a political affiliation that they see as practical, down to earth, and sustainable.  They can also be nurturers and caretakers, attracting them to a more people-oriented political ideology, such as socialism.

Libra Zodiac Signs

Justice-oriented Libra most often believes in what is fair and equal for all.  They are more likely to embrace socialism and its principals. A more even distribution of wealth and land is more likely to make sense to them.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs

Serious and introspective Scorpio will intensely mull over any political affiliation before committing to it.  However, once they do, they will be 110% behind it. Once they are committed, it won’t be an easy task to convince them otherwise.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs

Freedom-loving Sagittarius zodiac signs are more often than not indifferent towards political views.  These fun-loving individuals don’t have much time for what they see as rigid laws and principals. They often will be more liberal than conservative.

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