A Step towards enlightenment and freedom

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From Human to #Metahuman: A Step towards enlightenment and freedom.

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  1. innerviews897

    First view…

    1. innerviews897

      Yes have had the focus of giving up all judgement for some time

  2. Awakened Sun


  3. About Creativity

    Very good, ┬┤┬┤and never play the victim┬┤┬┤

  4. James Cropper

    Thank You Deepak,
    Much,Much Love ,.
    My Brother

  5. Diane Zeisler

    Grateful for the uplifting of my human consciousness!

  6. Ninoshka Dominguez


  7. Goutam Dutta

    Excellent …. helpful guidance on the path of spirituality. Let us not judge ….

  8. Rosario Longoria

    Everybody is doing thrir best…
    No playing the victim.
    What a good teaching in such a few words.
    Thank you!!

  9. Teacup Chinese

    “Everybody is doing their best from their level of consciousnous and being.”

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