Deepak and Darrah On God

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After last week’s discussion about religion, this time Deepak and Darrah share their thoughts on what is “God”. Watch to hear Deepak’s fascinating description of the concept of God as it relates to the wider universe, humans, experiences, and observations. You’ll also learn what the acronym G.O.D. means to Deepak.

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  1. Hindy Carvalho


  2. Osiris Shafer

    There was 2 much Noice on the back ground on the back ground…still is always to hear Master Chopra talking

  3. Osiris Shafer

    Is always NICE!! to hear Master Chopra

  4. Hsitas Amrahs

    Really beautiful, simple, complete discription of GOD…. and that too in just 4.21 minutes… thanks both of you….

  5. Katy Love

    this is really what I want to ask to Deepak! his #perception of God 🙂

  6. Mark Rudis

    Those who claim to know God do not. Those who confess to not knowing God do.

  7. kiela17

    What did Deepak mean when he said if Jesus shows up in your meditation it’s not really Jesus?

  8. Doubting Thomas

    You know, Ravi Zacharias’ ministry is based in Atlanta, too. I listen to his radio programs, well, religiously; but on one of which, not too long ago, he gave a fairly stringent criticism of Deepak Chopra’s book-‘The Third Jesus’. I read it though, not too long ago. I was baptized by a Pastor named Zacharias. I once asked him who he listens to on Christian radio, and he said David Jeremiah and Michael Yusuf. I said-‘how about Ravi Zacharias?’ He sort of shrugged his shoulders and said-‘oh, he’s alright’. And to think that the apostle Thomas would go to India after the resurrection and would end dying the same way as Mahatma Gandhi. A few years after that, Polycarp, the Bishop Of Smyrna, assisted the apostle John in the writing of his gospel. Ravi, Deepak, you mustn’t have any doubts about this: Love thy neighbor as you would love yourselves!

    1. Doubting Thomas

      My name is Karp, first name: Thomas. When I was a kid I had neighbor named Polly (Jewish); Jonathan (Jewish) lived behind us. He was with Prince when he made his ‘Purple Rain’ album and movie, and he showed up at my brother’s deathbed last March. He was standing next to me as I read to my brother from 1 John. My family and John’s family didn’t get along with Polly’s family. So, anyway, Polycarp was with the apostle John when he wrote his gospel. And Thomas went to India after Jesus ascended. You know, I’ve never actually been in Atlanta, but I’ve flown over it a couple a times.

  9. Doubting Thomas

    So, once again, I’m named after a American Naval Officer who married a Jewish woman, who joined in him in his faith as a Christian: Captain Thomas Phelps Stowall and Margaret Levey. Darrah, have you ever read the New Testament? Hebrews chapter 2, verse 10 (KJV): “For it became Him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.” My name is Thomas Phelps Karp. When my parents were married, my maternal grandfather was Captain of the U.S.S. St. Paul. His first mate previously commanded a submarine division aboard the U.S.S. Carp: John McCain II. Acts 27: St. Paul finds himself aboard ship, giving counsel to the captain.

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