How to prevent war, resolve conflicts and create peace & prosperity for all

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From Human to #Metahuman

Deepak Chopra MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation, a non-profit entity for research on well-being and humanitarianism, and Chopra Global, a modern-day health company at the intersection of science and spirituality, is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation. Chopra is a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego. He is the author of over 89 books translated into over forty-three languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. His 90th book and national bestseller, Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential (Harmony Books), unlocks the secrets to moving beyond our present limitations to access a field of infinite possibilities. TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.”

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  1. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you very much for your nine principles to move forward to life . Very important to being in peace through out the world .

  2. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´creativity´´ ´´creative solutions´´ ´´language is everything + perception´´ ´´focus on 9 principles = 1.) ´´´treat with respect´´ 2.) perception 3.) ´´forgiveness = peace´´ 4.) ´´refrain from belligerence´´ 5.) ´´emotional intelligence´´ 6.) ´´values´´ 7.) ´´refrain from religion/politics´´ 8.) ´´express fears´´ 9.) ´´right / wrong / good / bad´´.
    ´´maximize the greatness in all of us´´

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Thank you !

  3. DB

    Imagine the Healing about to take place! Thank You Deepak & Friends! 🙏

  4. Ingrid Johana

    🙏🏻Thank you 🦋

  5. 1 Regina

    thank you! honesty, openmindness and willingness 🙂

  6. HumanƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷHumana

    I Declare Everlasting Peace with Justice and Dignity for All Life on Earth and the Cosmos, namaste.

  7. Gary Hiles

    Fantastic! You could expand on each point in subsequent videos.

  8. Booby Mamma

    Very good thank you!!!

  9. Yvonne Quintal

    Will comply ! 💖

  10. Honestmicky

    Outstanding video Deepak, thanks for posting, much appreciated. I would like you to continue to give your excellent insights and teaching on how to prevent war. I’d vote for you for President ; )

  11. Kathleen Cureton

    TY, Dr. Chopra! To ALL of Us! 😊

  12. Bethani Green

    Thank you for this…

  13. Sara6

    Proper conflict resolution involving objective intellect is absolute must Peace to All :)))

  14. Panic Attack Recovery

    Thank you for your message on conflict resolution

  15. Raul Ponce


  16. Benjamin Helmus

    Didn’t want to share this with friends because of the ads but decided to do it anyway after watching.

    Thank you Deepak!

  17. Virgo Girl

    Replay from Michigan. Much Love All

  18. Donna Mogavero

    Doesn’t one have to be spiritually awake in order to do this? It appears that we have nothing but the complete opposite of these practices ruling the world.

  19. Tatiana Pouladian

    As always, this is amazing. Thank you. Will you please place your camera/computer in a better angel? I greatly appreciate it.

  20. Tatiana Pouladian

    Great topic for this time of our world

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