What Are The Secrets Of Creativity? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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What is creativity and what are the mechanics for creativity?

Creativity is a quantum leap in context, meaning, relationship, and story. Therefore creativity is also a quantum leap in imagination. The universe is constantly evolving into a high expression of its creativity. Creativity implies a conscious universe. To harness creativity, you have to relinquish the known and step into the unknown. You have to learn from previous mistakes. You have to see the universal and the particular. You also have to refine your senses. There are nine steps to creativity:

1) Intended vision
2) Information gathering
3) Information analysis
4) Incubation
5) Insight
6) Inspiration
7) Integration
8) Implementation
9) Incarnation

Even the Universe is evolution and the evolution of species takes leaps of creativity as natural selection accommodates random mutations.

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  1. Gerard Sanford

    It just seems to me that if evolution was by survival of the fittest life on Earth would still be microbial and that is only by giving an irrational concession that life would have begun at all.
    Another story that seems much more rational is that there is one Life and it is evolving intentionally. It’s a story that seems to practically write itself.

  2. Green-Eyed Child

    your eyelashes are lovely this morning

  3. Lansing Day

    One could investigate for him or herself how different ways of balanced moving may generate FLOW feeling and creativity; walking mindfully, for example, works for me, especially leading with the left foot/right brain. Adding in a rhythmical mantra such as “who am I?” can spark it up a notch.

  4. NeoMatrixology

    I’ve had many cosmic adventures and creative ideas during lucid dreaming that I would never have imagined during waking life.

  5. Scott Weaver

    I just get out and do it. That’s how I am creative. I don’t think about it I just do it. Don’t need ten steps.

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